By Nicholas Mwesigwa


Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) deputy mouth piece Toterebuka
Bamwenda yesterday collapsed in a taxi before taken off at Shell
Capital along Kampala Road.

He was on his way to the party headquarters at Najjanankumbi to address a weekly press conference.

The motor mouthed official cheated death but gained conscience moments
after he was taken to a clinic for treatment near his home in Bukoto, a
Kampala suburb.
According to an eye witness who narrated to Red Pepper Bamwenda’s ordeal last night, the FDC honcho who seated by her side suddenly complained of stomach pain before he vomited and later collapsed.

“Though I recognise him immediately, the face was familiar as I have always
seen him on TV. He was complaining of pain. I thought it was minor
before he started vomitingd and collapsed. We were scared and we laid him at
Shell fuel station,” the source said.

When contacted, his boss Wafula Ogutta confirmed the reports but said
that he was called to intervene by the victim himself after gaining

“Yes my deputy collapsed and he later called me. I had to take him to
hospital. He said that as he was coming from his home he had pain
which I think was ulcers,” Wafula told us at Najjanankumbi.

When he learnt that Wafula was taking him to hospital,
he opted to be taken home arguing that he doesn’t believe in drugs and
that he would rather take herbs (Lukaka) which Wafula personally rejected.

“I was shocked to see him in that condition but he had refused to go to
hospital. He told me herbs always work for him and asked me to look for
lukaka but I insisted and took him to a clinic,” Wafula said.

However, Toterebuka denied any poison reports saying he last took his
favourite breakfast (posho and meat) at his home.

“I took posho and meat moreover at my home; so who could have poisoned
me. I don’t suspect that,” he reportedly told Wafula.

We were not able to have his comments but the time we went to press.

Meanwhile the party will Thursday hold a National Council meeting to prepare for the 4th National delegates Conference which will determine who becomes the next party president among three aspirants (Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Nandala Mafabi and Geoffrey Ekanya).

The meeting will be chaired by Sam Njuba. Besigye is expected to give
a few remarks as the part president and the Secretary General Alice
Alaso will give a comprehensive status report, proposed constitution
amendments and presidential campaign progress report and others.



Besigye Resumes Bloody Protests

By Nicholas Mwesigwa

Banned Activists For Change (A4C) which rebranded to For God and My Country (4GC) pressure group will resume fresh anti-Government protests denouncing President Museveni’s 27 years at the helm of the country during the country’s 50 years anniversary.

According to Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga, the group’s coordinator, this will be the 4th phase of the popular walk to work protests.

He revealed to this newspaper while at Parliament last week that the bloody protests were halted due to the recent concluded by-elections in the country where opposition scooped most slots.

“We had stopped to first fight a war of the by-elections because most of our candidates were key players in the protests. The likes of Muwanga Kivumbi who was the master mind behind the project. We couldn’t fight two wars at once; in fact our efforts as opposition yielded fruits as we happened to get the biggest number. Now we are in the kitchen baking a ‘hot cake’,” Mpuuga said.

He added that soon the press will be invited when unveiling the phase though he didn’t mention the date and the venue citing security jeopardy in their ‘legal activities’.

He also said that they announce because what they do is legal of sensitizing the masses about rouge regime.

“I will not tell you were and when but the point is we shall resume. Also we can’t make it surprise attack no. what we are doing is legal and we know why we announce our things are programmed,” the man from Masaka assured.

But our impeccable sources divulged to us last night that as the Government is preparing to mark 50 years of independence, anti-Museveni activists are also laying clandestine strategy of denouncing the NRM rule.
“On October 9 we shall have our demos sensitizing the masses how the NRM has exploited us and how we can overthrow it,” a source we requested to be off record said.

However the sources did not reveal the venue where the protests will be held.

Sources added that they will be waving anti-Museveni/NRM placards reading ‘27 years of misery’, ‘people power, not gun power’, ‘we want change,’, ‘freedom of expression’ among others.

Political observers who talked to Red Pepper said security crush the protests to avoid overshadowing the national celebrations.

As usual Dr. Kiiza Besigye, well known for his boldness, is expected to be at the front.











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