FDC MPs: Ruranga Defection Spells Good Omen For Party

Rubaramira Ruranga

The Defection of Major Rubaramira Ruranga from the Forum for Democratic Change is a gain for the party he is exiting, a cross section of FDC members of parliament claim.

Rubaramira Ruranga
Rubaramira Ruranga


Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa says Rubaramira, the former head of the FDC electoral commission had lost track and his departure which was anticipated over the last two years is good riddance to bad omen.

He noted when General Mugisha Muntu, the FDC President and Nandala Mafabi, the Leader of Opposition were contesting for the FDC top seat, Major Rubaramira labeled Muntu an NRM mole but he has now proved that he was the Mole in FDC.

Okupa further accuses Rubaramira of sowing seeds of tribalism and racism especially during campaigns when he stated that Muntu is a Munyarwanda who shouldn’t have been voted to take over the leadership of the party.

Stephen Ochola the Serere County MP and Shadow Minister for Special Regions echoed the statements and adds that Major Rubaramira’s defection is meaningless to FDC because it may not have any impact in terms of FDC support and membership.

He claims that Rubaramira has never been to areas where FDC has most of its support. He cited Eastern Region especially areas of Teso described as “the heart beat of FDC” where massive support has been garnered even without his input

Ochola says Rubaramira has been shelving a hidden agenda and his crossing is for personal gain.

Rubaramira is a renowned HIV/AIDs activist and he crossed from FDC last week to the ruling NRM party saying that it is the only political party that has got a clear agenda in the fight against HIV/AIDs. He has been serving as the chairman of the Electoral Commission in FDC.

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3 thoughts on “FDC MPs: Ruranga Defection Spells Good Omen For Party

  1. Hypocrites should live alone and share with Museveni all Riches of Uganda.It is wonderful that Rubaramira Ruranga has finally left FDC a Party he tried to disorganize and confuse in vain.

  2. Bakubye, your comment is good but toralancy in such organizations is pivotal and it was good the FDC party left him in to sort himself out and write his final report to his boss M7 and now that he has completed it, we should not lose our sleep over him.Such defections are expected as various people join such organizations with their personal agenda. I call on FDC Party , leadership and our supporters to stand United and resolved with principals to defend the rights of the people of Uganda. I expect even many other big people in that party to finally go to M7, and this is very good as we rid ourselves of the chaff and remain with the real Nationals.

  3. Politics all over the world will always have people like Rubaramira
    Ruranga. FDC need not spend much time talking about the guy who has
    changed his heart. He has decided to abandon the struggle. Let him go and enjoy the NRM goodies. The rest of you in the party (and opposition in general) should learn your lesson and just move on. Also keep in mind that the ruling party is on constant search for people to buy out (from the opposition), especially as we come close to 2016 so that they can claim that opposition have no agenda, that is why its leaders are defecting to NRM. It may also be the NRM strategy of creating panic in the opposition. Keep your pace and focus. Uganda will be free soon.

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