FDC Supporters Denounce Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s Party Links

Suspended Makerere University Institute of Social Research (MISR) fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi is being witch-hunted by some Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporters who believe she lacks decency to associate with the party.


Dr. Stella stripped naked last month protesting closure of her office by the research institute head Prof. Mahmood Mamdani.

In a note posted on her Facebook timeline yesterday, Dr. Stella revealed that she is dismayed by the party supporters who believe she is too immoral to get close to their party.

Below is the statement Dr. Stella Nyanzi posted social media blasting those attacking her

My enemy’s enemy is my friend. Selah!

I am horrified by FDC die-hards who are angry and bothered that I am allying with ‘FDC things’ as if FDC has a monopoly over social protest. These angry FDC die-hards insist that I am too bad, too immoral, too vulgar, too shameless, and too tainted to associate with their political party. They are hoarding their party as if it has fattening nutrients which diminish whenever I associate with FDC. Selfish myopic dimwits! Stay with your FDC party if you think it makes you fatter!

Look: I am disgusted by the NRM regime and its leadership. I badly yearn for regime change. I cannot stand the corruption, injustice, tyranny, autocracy, political violence and intimidation, lawlessness, sectarianianism and avarice thriving under Museveni’s leadership. The evil within this regime is my enemy, particularly because it killed my parents. NRM is my enemy. Museveni is my enemy. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

And so Kizza Besigye is my friend because Museveni is his enemy. Kizza Besigye belongs to a party called FDC. I do not carry a party membership card for FDC (or any other party for that matter). I campaigned and voted for Kizza Besigye when he ran against Museveni. Kizza Besigye is my president of choice. When my president calls us to march, I march! When my president calls us to pray, I pray. When I see blue tee-shirts with my president’s picture on them, I draw from my hard-earned savings and buy these trinkets for myself and my loved ones. I love Kizza Besigye because he is deeply invested in ousting Museveni.

Now, angry FDC die-hards, go and suck on some ash as you rub your belly-buttons because I am going to do what Kizza Besigye asks his followers to do. I will continue vigorously waving the two-fingered sign, wearing blue tee-shirts and topees with his pictures, and screaming the ‘One People, One Uganda’ slogan. I will continue singing and blasting the ‘Toka kwa barara Besigye anaingia’ song wherever I see NRM Musevenists. I will continue writing about Kizza Besigye’s light in comparison to Museveni’s darkness. I love Kizza Besigye, not FDC.

I do not have to be in FDC to share and join you in your struggles. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

Kizza Besigye oyeeeeee!

Kizza Besigye oyeeeeee!

Kizza Besigye oyeeeeee!

Enkya tulumba wa?

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