FDC Vow to Defy Court Orders Halting Probe Into Shs6bn Cash Bonanza

FDC Vow to Defy Court Orders Halting Probe Into Shs6bn Cash Bonanza

By Serestino Tusingwire

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has vowed to go ahead with its planned move to ‘squeeze against the wall’ the beneficiaries of Shs6bn oil money to vomit it back despite an injunction by Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma.

On Monday evening, Justice Kavuma issued an interim order barring parliament, any person or authority from investigating, questioning or inquiring into” the Shs6bn scam arising out of President Museveni’s Golden Handshake to some government top shots.

Kavuma’s order followed Eric Sabiiti’s petition to block the probe saying the planned investigation by parliament interferes with executive powers of awarding best performers. Sabiiti is a legal officer who works with the Electoral Commission.

Before the injunction, FDC had announced that, its working committee would meet today and formulate a document seeking to recover the money and present it to Parliament which resumes today.

Despite the injunction, the FDC Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija maintains that the committee will sit today as planned and continue with the process.

“For us as FDC, we are not going to sit back and keep quiet while tax payers money is being swindled, we are to continue with our planned move to make these people refund the money.” Kaija said.

He condemned the government for always manipulating the law to block important investigations into allegations of abuse of public funds.

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