FDC Wrangles: Probe Committee Yet To Access Documents

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi

Nandala Mafabi complained of multiple voting during the elections
Nandala Mafabi complained of multiple voting during the elections

The commission of inquiry set up to investigate allegations of malpractices during the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) elections is yet to access voting materials almost three months after the vote.

The commission was set up after the November 22 party presidential elections that saw Major General Mugisha Muntu trounce two other contestants to the top seat. One of the contestants, Leader of Opposition Nandala Mafabi, however, complained that there was multiple voting and that the proxy voting system was abused to favour General Muntu. The other candidate was Geoffrey Ekanya, the Tororo County Member of Parliament.

A commission of inquiry was then set up to investigate the claims as the party faced a possible break up with some supporters siding with Mafabi while others standing with Muntu.

But almost three months after the vote, the commission is yet to access the vital documents for its work. Peter Sempala, the commission secretary says the decision to listen to the Nandala’s petition will be made this Thursday if the secretariat decides to hand over the required documents.

Sempala says these are party documents that are needed for reference to clarify the claims contained in the petition.

The documents include voting materials such ballot papers, voters registers, proxy voting lists among others.

The party had set February 13 to start hearing the election petition.

The committee is expected to determine whether or not the regulations regarding the electioneering processes, party code of conduct and any other instrument prescribed in the party constitution were breached by the persons named in the memorandum presented.

The people mentioned in the alleged fraud include FDC secretary general Alice Alaso, Dan Mugarura, the Electoral Commission chairman, Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu and Anita Among.

The commission which is headed by party lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi will determine whether or not the omissions and commissions as contained in the petition took place during the elections and electioneering process.

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  1. This tribunal is fighting a loosing battle and will not provide good results to the FDC secretariat. Nandala should give up

  2. This man Nadala has totally tarnished the name of FDC because of greed. He holds personal interests above the party’s, no doubt about it. Why would you want to lead a party whose name you haveopenly tarnished?

    Why should any one trust FDC ahead of NRM anyway? What a looser you are Nadala!

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