FDLR Responsible For 26th July Grenade Attack – Kigali Govt

Theos Badege, RNP Spokesperson

The Rwandan government claims that the Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) are responsible for the 26th July grenade attack that claimed three lives and left 31 others injured.

The grenade blast took place at Nyabugogo a Kigali suburb.

Theos Badege, RNP Spokesperson
Theos Badege, RNP Spokesperson

On Monday, Rwanda Police paraded the suspects who were arrested in connection with the blast and they revealed that they acted on the instructions of the top leaders of the FDLR forces who are hiding out in the jungles of the DRC.

The suspects who include Jean de Dieu Ntakirutimana alias Rafiki, and Jean de Dieu Mugaboniki claim to have acted on the instruction of a top FDLR commander and are being held at Kicukiro Police Station in Kigali.

According to Ntakirutimana, one of the suspects, their mission was coordinated by Col. Enock Bizimana alias Matovu who sent the grenades to them and asked them make sure that they are planted at Nyabugogo taxi-park.

Ntakirutimana (21) explained that Col. Bizimana had promised to reward them after the Kagame government falls and that this would happen not later than January 2014.

Rwanda National Police spokesperson Theos Badege says that investigations into the matter are still under way and that the suspects will face the law once they are complete.

The FDLR is mainly composed of Hutus who are accused of perpetuating the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and moderate Hutu which resulted into the death of over 800,000 Rwandan Nationals in just a period of 100 days.

The same group is said to be behind a number of human rights violations in Congo which include forced recruitment into their ranks, rape, defilement and murder.

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