FEUD! Kabale Leaders ‘lock horns’ over Municipal Yard land

The Municipal Yard sold to Kabale Businessman

The Municipal Yard lanf in Question was sold to Kabale Businessman Cephas Birungi Kagyenda

Kabale – A bitter row has erupted between the Kabale Municipal council and central division over the recent sell of Municipal yard along the Kabale-Mbarara highway.

Kabale Municipal council sold the land [yard] plot 11-17 to a Kabale businessman Cephas Birungi Kagyenda who is also the Kabale district land board chairperson at UGX1Bn and the businessman was given first 5 years of construction and the continuity of the lease period will be discussed later after construction according to Kabale municipal mayor Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha.

Last week Lawyers of Cephas Birungi of Muhangi Justus and Partners advocates issued an eviction letter to Kabale municipal council to vacate the land and to evict all their properties out of the land in fourteen days and also change the ownership in his names.

The yard initially was a parking yard of all Kabale municipal vehicles, stores, offices of Education department and housed a health center II facility which have since last week been phased out from the yard.

Kabale Municipal council last week carried all the health facility movable properties and they were stationed at Kabale central division offices awaiting for the room where to be put.

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha the Kabale municipal mayor said that the central division management should be able to gazette a place where to put the health facility since the facility belongs to central division.

Byamugisha said that of the part building in which offices of central division offices are occupying was initially planned to be a health facility.

He said that the central division should quickly get a place where to put the health facility in order not to allow people from suffering saying that the money that they got from the yard has some other activities to run in the development of the municipality in a city status like building of staff houses at kamukiira health center IV,finish the offices of kabale Municipal council and procure garbage skips.

Sam Arinaitwe the Central division LCIII chairperson says that the divisions do not have space where to put the health facility saying that the Kabale municipal council should have been able to gazette a place for the health facility before disposing of the land in question or to allocate part the money they leased from the yard to construct another facility.

He says that the it doesn’t make decisions for the division as the division chairperson he can’t implement a decision of kabale Municipal council but for central division saying that the central division council resolved that the Municipal council gets another place to shift the health center but not in the division offices

“We are not aganist the health center it’s not me as Sam but it was a decision of the division council not to allow the shifting of the health center in the division offices as there is no space as the Municipal authorities should have got somewhere being that they sold the yard money they would have used part of it to get an alternative place for the health center”. arinaitwe said.

Minister Rapheal Magyezi speaks…
Rapheal Magyezi the minister of local government says that before government land is sold and when their is a public utility like school ,health center , playground before it sells it off it has to be having another land for the relocations saying that kabale municplaity must have first got another place to relocate the health center before selling the yard.

He also says that those that are aggrived on the sale of the land which they say was not proper can petition his office and they will send people on the ground to investigate and when they find that the right procedures of disposing government land and property was not followed the land transaction wil be cancelled.

“. As well if they never followed the right procedures we shall sit and see if they did so we can cancel the land transaction “. Magyezi said .

He also warned kabale municplaity leaders aganist selling the little land that they have as Kabale its a small town now beginning to sell the little land they have when they are preparing to have a city status in 2023 where will they get land to use In the construction of needed buildings like office and coucil halls.

Kabale Municipal yard health center II begun in 1981 when kabale was still a town council but later in 1985 it was elevated to minicipality

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