Food Shortage Pushes K’jongs into Kenya

An Ik elderly woman smokes a pipe in Timu vilage, Kamion sub county in Kaabong district

Pupils at Kamion Primary school in Ik land wait for lunch recently, Kaabong district
Pupils at Kamion Primary school in Ik land wait for lunch recently, Kaabong district

Rising food insecurity in Kaabong district has fueled out-migration of people into the neighbouring Kitgum district and the Turkana region in Kenya.

Local government authorities estimate 100,000 people to have moved out of Kaabong district in the last five months in search of food for survival.

Nakiru Lilly, the LC5 Councilor for Kamion Sub County, who hails from the Ik community, explains that since the floods destroyed crops last year leading to no harvest the people are in bad shape. She goes on to say that residents have tried to survive on wild leaves and fruits. She identifies Timo, Kamion, Morungole and Lokwakaramoi parishes among others as worst hit in the sub county.

Nakiru notes that over 40,500 households are food insecure in the marginalized community of the Ik. She appeals to government to consider delivering food in the area. The Ik, sometimes called Teuso, live were displaced from their land in 1958 as the British colonial administration created the present day Kidepo Valley National Park.

Okoth Nyalulu, the Resident District Commissioner Kaabong, attributes the outmigration to harsh food shortages in the area. He explains that for the last two years the community has not had any harvest. He adds that natural hazards like floods and prolonged drought scared thousands of families from cultivation. He adds that lightning strikes also scared people away from their gardens.

Joseph Midi, the LC5 Chairperson Kaabong district, says several reports have been sent to government but with no serious response. He says migration is continuing all over the district as people search means of survival. He appeals to partners in development to find means of saving the people

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  1. Yes, the Ik need support they are sandwitched by the Dodoth of Uganda and the Turkana of Kenya. thir land is a battle field for the two ethic groups. They have limited access to education, health , shelter, security of they lives,and property and their natural resource the Tim Forest. This is a place where buying basic items like salt, box of marches, dumped biscuits etc, you need to travel over 20 kms to the village kiosk. This is a had working community with little support. I remember working with the Ik in 2000-2003, they were mobilised and contributed to construction of the only health facility and also contributed/participated in opening a road connection to Kenya under thier sweat. The colonial power are resposible for thier suffering, because their natural resource, land was decleard a national pak, and thier forest was gazzeted as a no gone zone.
    To improve thier livelihood there is a need for improved Security, food production, restoration of thier physical and social assets. make them commercial oriented in this new economic rehabilitation.
    Anybody in need of more information give you comments and information you need thru this paper or cal +211912758915

    1. Editor
      Just amazed that even Leaders from Kaboog have not shared or commented on this article

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