Former NRM Members Lose Committee Seats

Three Expelled MPs' Barnabas Tinkasimiire, Throedore Sekikubo and Nuwgaba.

Expelled “rebel” NRM members of Parliament have today not only lost their full membership in the party but have also been forced to vacate their committee seats.

NRM chief whip Lumumba Justine, while on the floor of Parliament, quoted rule 176 (5) of the rules of procedure that reads that parties and organisations shall have the powers to withdraw and reallocate members from individual committees.

She stated that she had been directed by her party to withdraw Tinkasimire Barnabas, MP Buyaga West, from the responsibility of both chairing and being a member on the sector committee of presidential affairs of Parliament and government assurance as a member.

Lumuba also withdrew Muhammed Nsereko, MP Kampala Central, from the standing committee of natural resources and rules, privileges and discipline under rule 158 (6).
The NRM chief whip also withdrew Ssekikubo Theodore as a member of the committee of defence and internal affairs and public accounts committee. The same fate befalls Niwagaba Winfred as a member of legal and parliamentary affairs and rules, privileges and discipline.

Col Fred Tumwesigye, MP Nyabushozi county, as chairperson of the Presidential Affairs committee and shall be deputized by MP Peter Ogwang.
She also used the opportunity to assign NRM members who do not have committees’ new sittings.

Lumumba also quoted rule 148 (2) and 176 (2) of the rules of procedure of Parliament, designated new members of the NRM party who have never been assigned to sectorial or standing committees.

Nebanda Florence Woman MP Butaleja was assigned as member of the Presidential Affairs committee, Oromait Proscovia, MP Usuk County, and Kakooza James, MP Kabula county, to the committee of Finance, Planning and economic development, Saleh Kamba, MP Kibuku county, to the committee of defence and internal affairs.

On the standing committees MP Nebanda gets the budget committee, MP Oromait the committee of government assurances, MP Kamba Public accounts committee, Kakooza to commissions and statutory enterprises, MP Bujenje county Kabakumba Matsiko to the committee of national economy, MP Khiddu Makubuya MP Katikamu South committee of rules, privileges and discipline, Syda Bumba, MP Nakaseke county, to the national economy committee.

However, Nandala Mafabi the leader of opposition questioned the decision by the NRM chief whip to designate Col Tumwesigye as the new chairperson of the Presidential and Parliamentary Affairs committee. Nandala said the Colonel has ethical problems due to his implication in the 50 billion shillings Dura Cement scandal.

He caused laughter in the house when he said, they risk Parliament being sold if Col Tumwesigye is to be chairperson.

The speaker then stated that they agreed that they wait for the investigations to be carried out and establish the truth, so when the results come, he shall be withdrawn.

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  1. But they have nt left parliament. They will be useful in the plenary.

  2. NRM lost long time when they expelled the MPs, without studying the constitution first; whatever the NRM party do now, it is to try to press the ex-MPs to the wall but its too late

  3. Problems do not solve problem. Removing the MPs from the committees sounds like threatening them, and other NRM MPs to keep quiet ‘paka’ last. Let my beloved president not be strayed by self seekers.

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