Furious Kats Attacks DJ Bobby: You Don’t Play Music At MTV


City Events MC Edwin Katamba well known as MC Kats has dared Club Venom and Cassablanca Dj Bobby to bring the pictures as proof that he plays for MTV.


“And this Dj Bobby that he plays for MTV, hahahaha…The only time you played out of Uganda is when the Goodlyfe did you a favour and please show us pictures of where you have played apart from Uganda,” Kats posted of his Facebook page

The Shortest MC in town further blasted the DJ that he hasn’t improved his ‘deejaying’ skill for the past ten years.

MC Kats' Facebook Status
MC Kats’ Facebook Status

“I was in S.2 and you are playing in Silk. 10 years now and I don’t think you have changed,” Charged Kats.

The source of this verbal war stems from the fact that Kats has vowed to fight everyone who doesn’t appreciate Ugandan Music.

Before the verbal war, Kats had posted on his Facebook page that; “Am gona attack whoever with whatever power I have because you have no idea what we have gone through to be here.”

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