Gen Saleh is Very Busy in Kapeeka, those purporting sickness on Him are Malingerers

David Sserumaga

According to Proverbs 16:27, Useless people make evil plans, and their words are like burning fire.

The way a section of people on social media are drumming and celebrating the purported sickness of Gen. Salim Saleh, the National Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation can make you feel that their rumor is true.

However, it’s unfortunate that there is a generation of idle people on social media who are good at utilizing free Wi-Fi for evil purposes and thus the need for the computer misuse Act.

Is social media taking away all our African morals? It’s a bit interesting that people create an agenda of their own against other people’s lives just to get social media likes and engagements.

I know that there are a few social media and communication misusers whose intention is to cause anxiety among our people and then collect money from them as a way of pulling down the misleading information.

I still have issues with the approved computer misuse bill but if the people on social media continue misusing it then the law will act as a remedy to the affected party.

Gen. Saleh is fundamentally a busy person who spends most of his time doing things which add value to Uganda. His office and home are always full of visitors including foreign investors; a number of leaders always visit him to tap into his investment, business, leadership and security knowledge.

This makes me believe that while at his home in Kapeeka, on a cold evening, Gen. Saleh might always be balancing his books while sipping on a cup of coffee.

Those whose intention is to mislead the public and cause fear  should know that a person like him who spent years fighting to liberate Uganda from bad leadership cannot be scared of social media posts and celebrations having survived bullets.

The public should know that Gen Saleh is very busy in Kapeeka, those with allegations and rumor mongering that he is very sick are malingerers.  They should either apply for Emyooga, OWC or for a Sacco to get support from the Parish Development Model.

It’s uncalled for to spread false information or celebrate other people’s situations.

Let’s assume that he was really sick, for the efforts he has put in to stabilize and develop this country, does he deserve that? We should as well remind those few individuals with evil hearts that Gen. Saleh is not supernatural, he can fall sick like other human beings but that does not call for an alarm.

The Ministry of ICT & National Guidance has rolled out a campaign on mindset change but they should know that there is a need to also think of how to handle people with idle minds because an idle mind with enough time on their hands is far worse than a politician.

Building stories on an old media story about the sickness of an individual is an indication that we still have a big problem with our people who are idle. There is a need to create an environment that makes some Ugandans  productive and engaged.

It is unnecessary and useless to get into all sorts of debates discussing and celebrating someone who is sick. Such immoral behaviors do not add anything to our generation and the African values.


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