Go Slow on Lifestyle Audits – Museveni Warns IGG

President Museveni launches the Lifestyle Audit Campaign to fight corruption. (PPU PHOTO)

Kampala | RedPepper Digital – President Museveni has warned the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya to “go slow” on corrupt officials lest she scares them to invest their loot abroad.

The president said that the lifestyle audit is good, but Kamya has to be careful because government is still lucky that the corrupt officials invest their money in the country.

Museveni made these remarks while presiding over the Anti-Corruption Day fete at Kololo on Thursday.

“We are still lucky that our corrupt people are corrupt here, they steal the money, and put it here, you see a 5 star hotel from corruption. Now if you only concentrate on the lifestyle, then they will take the money out and you will have no evidence here,” Museveni said.

The president said that the money being stolen is mainly government money and the country will have a problem if the corrupt officials start investing abroad.

In her presentation earlier, the IGG Kamya had pledged to start touching the “big fish” in government who are involved in corruption.

Kamya said that, “the face of corruption is that lavish lifestyle that is not commensurate with a person’s legitimate source of income, that expensive car, mansion, those family holidays abroad, expensive schools for one’s children.”

She said that there is a public outcry, to arrest some “big fish” and her team is determined to bring them to book through this campaign.

“The public outcry is that we catch the big fish, they say “catch us some big fish.” The truth is the big fish are so slippery, they don’t sign anywhere, this is why we are promoting the lifestyle campaign,” Kamya added.

She said that her office is going to change the tactics, and move the fight against corruption from being a government’s fight, to a public fight where the people and children are involved.

The day was summed up with the launch of the Lifestyle Audit Campaign, where President Museveni was a signatory.

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