Goodlyfe Manager’s Hand Chopped To Pieces

As we write this, Goodlyfe media manager Kenneth Kasagazi alias Ken Bread is nursing severe injuries on his left hand since it was almost chopped into pieces.

Kasagazi's left hand after being cut during the scuffle.
Kasagazi’s left hand after being cut during the

It all started when Kenneth Kasagazi invited Samson Haileslassie to join them smoke Shisha at the Acacia Avenue based bar Cassablanca in the wee hours of Sunday morning, September 29.

It is rumored that Kenneth Kasagazi sarcastically told Samson that he is very poor and he cannot afford to buy a Shisha pot. These statements made Samson angry and tempers flared.

Samson who is believed to be of Eritrean origin pushed Kasagazi who was holding a bottle and he fell down helplessly.

Upon falling down, the bottle broke into pieces and severely injured Kasagazi’s left hand. Blood gushed out uncontrollably.

Blood which gushed out of Kasagazi's hand.
Blood which gushed out of Kasagazi’s hand.

Drama ensued as more booze heroes in the bar gathered to watch a free live ‘movie’ with Kasagazi and Samson being the headlining acts.

Kiira road police was called in to calm the situation and Samson was put behind bars.

Kasagazi was the rushed to hospital where he received treatment.

After surving the deadly attack of which he will always remember during his eon planet earth, Kasagazi quickly stormed his social media page and thanked God; “Mukama yebazibwe aboluganda” (Praise God brothers and sisters)

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