Gov’t to Table Panga terror report soon – AG

Kampala | RedPepper Digital – The Ministry of Security is planning to update the nation on the security situation in the country. This follows reports that the panga wielding gang has swung into action and is threatening to commit atrocities in Jinja City.

This followed a matter raised on Tuesday, September 7, during plenary by Manjeri Kyebakutika (Woman MP Jinja City) who revealed that two people were attacked in Jinja and the killers also dropped letters threatening to commit similar atrocities in the City.

Kyebakutika asked the Ministry of Security to intervene and increase the security in the area over the anonymous letters being thrown in the area. Kyebakutika says that these letters have so far been seen in a number of villages including Bugembe, Wayange Mafumbira among others with two people already nursing injuries from such attacks and wants the government to immediately come to their rescue.

In response, Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka informed parliament that the issue of insecurity in different parts of the country is being investigated and they plan to bring a comprehensive report once the investigations are concluded.

“The issue of insecurity in different parts of the country has been addressed and currently, we have officers on ground trying to figure that out and something is being done. Unfortunately, we aren’t at liberty to divulge everything that is being done because investigations are going on. We should allow the Police to carry out its activities without interference from very concerned citizens,” said Kiryowa.

However, there was a protest from Ibrahim Ssemujju (Kira Municipality) concerned about the absence of the Minister of Security, Jim Muhwezi who was supposed to respond to security matters instead of leaving the job to the Attorney General.

Ssemujju said Parliament has never appointed him (Kiryowa) as Leader of Government Business or Minister of Security.

Speaker Oulanyah told off Ssemujju that these are times when parts of the country are being affected by a situation that affects urgent response and there is a government that knows how they do their business.

“I know he is a minister from the government and what I expect from that minister is useful information. That restores calm and offers hope to the people affected. If you don’t have any good information you don’t stand,” said Oulanyah.

In response, Kiryowa said, “Jinja, the matter has been taken and a full report on the security situation will be brought to Parliament.”

The development comes at the time 26 people have been killed in Masaka by the panga wielding people. 

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