Gunmen Rob Minister Todwong


Nwoya County MP also Minister Without portfolio in charge of political mobilization Richard Todwong was Friday night robbed at gunpoint by robbers wearing “army uniform”, he said in a statement.

Through his social media page, Todwong said he was ambushed as he dropped some of his friends to their homes at around 10.00pm. He also said that this is the  third time such an incident happening to him.

“I keep asking why things happen the way they do. I now believe I have something special that God is preserving me to do.

“I thought we were being stopped by military police on patrol because the one who stopped us was in army uniform but we got the shock when he put his gun on my head ready to fire.”

“For fear of collateral damage that could have occurred, I relaxed as they took turn to search our car. All our belongings taken including David’s shoes that he loved so much – Clarks”.

“I always avoid overusing my staff and at that time I had permitted them to sign off duty because I have always handled my details in their absence,” Todwong said. He’s bodyguards were off duty.

“Even donkeys have to rest and being human at times, it’s only proper to let people rest and besides, for the last 15 years that I have lived in Kampala, I have always handled my details out of official hours.”

“Nevertheless, after getting some cash, phones and watches, they held us for some minutes as if they were planning what to do with us. But finally, they decided to let us pass,” he narrated.

All the phones he had at the time of the incident were taken. “I am off phones till I get reconnected.”

He said the incident was a good warning and reminded him of another incident in 1987 when “the rebels put my family at gunpoint with a gun on each kid while the commander put his at my dad”.

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