Hajat Nambusi Unveils Netball Manifesto

By Emmanuel Sekago

Hajati Aida Nambusi launched her bid for Presidency of the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF). Addressing the media at the Uganda manufacturing Association Hall (UMA) at Lugogo, Nambusi who is a vice chairperson of National primary teachers colleges, technical institutes, vocational institutes, Farm institutes and Metrological institutes sports association in Uganda (NAPTIVFISA)  released her Manifesto showing what she intends to do if elected as UNF President.
Nambusi the delegate of Kampala University Netball club, who once played the sport from primary, secondary and University level, coached , officiated and a teacher of it with her experience in Netball wants to rule the Netball body.
Once elected, Nambusi says she intends to improve the officiation, coaching, players, Competitions, Marketing and Communication sectors in the federation, Nambusi stated that the journey to lead Netball in the country will not be for her alone but for the entire netball fraternity since she does want to share her experience with other UNF members.
She said: ‘Time has come to share my experience with others and pay back what I owe to the game of Netball, however this journey is not my personal journey, and it is a journey of all of us. Just like me, you have experience and most importantly your passion for the game and your continuous effort and wishes to develop it.’

She added: ‘It pains to see the quality of the game decline in districts, no district in the country has an organized a league, but when I get into office it will be a must for districts to have leagues, supervised by the UNF and must all play in UNF sanctioned tournaments.’
Outgoing President Susan Anek Ongom is the other member to have shown interest in serving as the federation head again.
Elections will be held on 25th November 2017 at National Council of Sports (NCS), Lugogo.

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