HAPPENING NOW! Drama in Katanga trial as Police doctor disowns evidence, alleges tampering


KAMPALA, UGANDA – In a shocking twist, Dr. Julius Muhwezi, a police doctor, has on Tuesday afternoon testified in the high-profile Katanga trial, denying some particulars from a police form 24 presented as evidence.

He told the court that the form had been tampered with.

Curiously it has emerged that the Police form 24 for Charles Otia has two stamps with different dates on when the medical examination was carried out.

One stamp shows 12th November, 2023 and another 13th.

The defense counsel, Elison Karuhanga, suggested that Dr. Muhwezi did not examine the suspects, and the form was fabricated as evidence. Dr. Muhwezi denied this, stating, “I took an oath, I examined these people. But the stamp appears adulterated.”

Dr. Muhwezi’s testimony has cast doubt on the reliability of the evidence presented in court, leaving the trial’s outcome uncertain. The court will continue to hear testimony from key witnesses, as the drama unfolds in the Katanga trial.

The defense counsel pressed on, “The stamp that appears like the 13th is not yours?” Dr. Muhwezi replied, “Yes. But the signature is mine.”

The dramatic turn of events has raised questions about the integrity of the investigation and the credibility of the evidence presented in court.

The defense counsel suggested that the doctor did not actually examine the suspects, but Dr. Muhwezi maintained that he did. Karuhanga also questioned Muhwezi’s findings on the normal mental status of Otai, yet the former suffers from Asthma and had not got treatment by then.

Otai had told him he had asthma, but was not receiving treatment.

Witness Muhwezi who insists his examination was conducted on 12th November, admitted that indeed his signature appears on the adulterated stamp of 13th November which he says doesn’t resemble the ones they use at the police health facility in Nsambya.

Since police form 24, has three parts and the first two were not signed by the Dr. Muhwezi , defence lawyer, MacDosman Kabega suggested that Muhwezi should not own them up and should be expunged.

“I can only own part B of the form. I didn’t sign the first half,” Dr. Muhwezi stated.

Despite all this, witness Muhwezi maintained that he indeed medically examined Otai and Amanyire on 12th November, 2024 and that those were the findings.


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