Has Moaning During Sex Changed Over the Last 50 Years?



It is always good to moan in your local tongue. Screaming out ‘Sweetheart’, ‘baby’ or other endearing words helps to avoid calling out your side-dish’s names when your husband is bonking you.

Several things have changed in our country over the past 50 years; moaning or screaming during sex has not been spared by the sex evolution.

Although moaning during sex is vital, couples these days pay little attention to this morale boosting sensual music while in bed. This is because the moaning sounds or sex songs that babes used to sing to their men in past years have either been forgotten or neglected.
Ssenga Hamidah Nakabiri of Kanyanya says that “Moaning and talking dirty is very essential in bed though today’s girls do not know how to do it. They lose their men to mature women who are experts at it.” She adds that in Luganda, it is called ‘Oluyimba lwe gwanga’ or ‘National Anthem,’ meaning that it’s a song all Ugandan women should sing for their men in bed. However, Nakabiri notes that the dirty talk or sex songs may differ from one tribe to another, depending on the couple. Elite lovers, though, do it in English. She reveals how several tribes do it.

Ssenga Nakabiri explains that 50 years ago, before romping the Baganda had to wash their hands with paw-paw leaves, such that they would become smooth when they caressed. A girl would be strictly trained and she practiced how to sing sex songs or talk dirty to stimulate her man in bed. One of the known songs for Baganda babes goes like this; “Nsanyuse okukulaba. Ndaba kuki owomukwano kansonsomola nga eliggwa lye tutu. Oli nantagwa buwoomi omubisi gwenjuki.’ Loosely meaning “You’re welcome oh you my sweet thorn who is ever as succulent as honey.” Tabaala ebyaalo sebo byona bibyo. Ayi… maama anzaale nze…nfudde… Amakubo gwe agalima sebo….wooowe! Ssissirisshhsshhhsss…Onzita….onzisa…omuti…yeee awoo… otuuse ewatuufu… yiii… oooh… uhhhh… eeeeh daddy… Meaning “Explore all the villages since you are the one who digs the paths and knows all the corners.” Kulika yo sebo or ‘welcome back sir’ comes after climaxing and indicates that both of you had gone on a long, exhilarating journey.
However, very few Baganda babes can ably morale boost a dude using a song like the one above because most of them are so ignorant of that this knowledge.

Dot.com Gals
These are modern couples that usually use a lot of English in their day to day communication; they cannot moan or talk dirty in their mother tongues. Such couples use words like “Ouch, baby give it to me! Oh God you’re killing… uh, I wanna eat you up, all of it. Come on, come, please let me put in baby uhh… mmmmm… aye….yessssssssss…..mewmewmwah… ouch…ouch… agrrrrr……awau! awau… yeah baby… come on spank it…harder… pound the shit outtta dat Yoyo boy…come on bombard it till your balls ding-dong!
These babes shout “Ayi bambe obunuzi bwanyita. Ahoooo! Wahika ho! Ai ish-ish, ayi mama… iwe mwana we noncumitisa ki eki? Ayi Ruhanga wangye wanteeza omuhini, nonshekura nke ebonyoobwa? Kare giteere. Yoona neyaawe….rukundo wangye. This can be translated to mean “Oh mama what have you pierced me with? Oh God are you pounding me like groundnuts my love? But very few babes from Ankole can sing this song these days.
Babes from this land sing “Giteere kyaali… apuuli; Gisindike etaleyo… nogiganyira, nogiganyira, neya Nyoko? Otaginyira… Abwoki…gyaatenkuhe Karuzika… Tera obusura… This means hit it and hard and feel no mercy for my Kandahar because it doesn’t belong to your mother! When a Mutooro babe is not pleased with a guy’s size or thrusting power, she will tell him “kola waheza onsweeke.’ Meaning “Do till you get tired and cover me up.”

Babes from this part of Uganda sing like this “Wuwi baba Munna ondita! Kola mpola mpola weena aye oyenda kundeetamu bituli. Lyaaku mpola nenkyo oyida kulya. This means ‘you are killing me dear; eat slowly because even tomorrow you will want to eat. To see whether a man is a wealking in bed or not, a Musoga babe says “Nkaali kumana enkola yo. Aye Munna tiyenda kunkola mulundi mulala gwooka. Nzeena nyenda omusaada amalaku!” Meaning “I’m yet to experience your bonking potential but I don not want a man who lacks stamina.
Babes form the hills of Kabale keep on hissing like Gabon vipers, grunting and sighing like huuurg…nto.. oracumita ota iwe manzi we? eish-uh…Sshhhhhhhhh! Eh! Nagihurira buzima yahika hare… kare rahusa ogukureemu! This can be translated to mean “Hah! How do you do it, hero? Okay! I’ve felt it deep, I swear. Now finish fast and pull it out!

Girls from this region say “Mwami hola mpola! Ayish… nshwa…Wunjita mwami…oyi…aaaa…haaaaa…heeee… hihihihihi…susususu.

Being arguably the horniest babes in Uganda, Bagisu love humping a lot and sing a range of sex boosting songs. They go “Ayiiiiiii yi! alu…alulululu…wuwi.. woyi… Mai wantsira…wanula nga bubukhi…wanyara ku nula…ayi… hoi…tttttt….ttttt. This loosely means “You are killing me dear! Thanks for being as sweet as honey.”

Babes from this region say “Awu..wohi..Oseip chunya ngama roma ka in…. This means, “Oh the love of my life no one satisfies me like you do!”

These waterlogged babes sing like this; “Sha, gira buhoro. Igeze kure, ndayumva! Uranyishe! Iraryoshe…. This when translated means go slow, dude… it’s gotten deep, I feel it… you’ve killed me… it’s sweet…

These babes say “Aaaaaah! Wuwu…ah….Wuwu.. Maye…maaye…maai…maaaye. Ba ma ‘di ‘do….fo… Kiri…kiri.. I ‘ye ma ‘e’eye si fo….Ah wuwu! This loosely means “Ah… slowly… you are killing me…please.. pleeeeease… do me slowly….

Ijijimijo noyi noyi. Ijokuna nisomaijo kaperit oyataki bo bo! This can be translated to mean “You are so sweet and good in bed.

Material Gal
This is a modern day babe usually engages in sex for material benefits. So instead of singing sex songs she will sing about the material things she wants at every thrust like; “Ooooooh….uummm…daddy, iPhone..uuuhhh saloooon….ayi daddy you’re so sweet..oui.. landlord…!Give mooooore…air…time..oh baby…you are the best…..my birthday…..don’t for…ayi…get my shoes…dresss.



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