HEALTH: Jinja Woman Pleads For Shs 6M Support to Undergo Maxillofacial Surgery

A 32-year-old Jinja Woman is battling for life with an Oral and maxillofacial (OMF) Condition.

Doctors say she urgently needs over 1,700 USD (Shs 6M) to undergo an emergency OMF surgery performed in the treatment of these disorders and diseases for her to survive. The Patient’s relatives say her condition has affected the whole family because they lack the financial capacity to do anything about her condition.

Dr. Obaala Antony , also Director Smile Afresh Examines the Patient

“I have been battling with this condition for about 5 years now and because we don’t have money, I haven’t been able to undergo the necessary surgery. Currently I feel so much pain and I’m unable to do anything,” she said.

Speaking to this reporter in Jinja town, Dr .Antony Obaala, a Surgeon and CEO at Smile Afresh International says “the patient presented with the complaint of swelling in the lower lip region for five years. She gave a history of painless swelling which was insidious in onset and progressed in size for two years and then became static. Past medical history, dental history and family history were non contributory’’.

He added that the Patient was not under any medication and no drug allergy, however on extra-oral examination, a solitary diffuse swelling of size 2×1.5 cm was seen on the left chin region extending from midline to corner of lower lip, oval in shape and the skin over the swelling was stretched and shiny on palpation, the swelling was firm in consistency, non tender, mobile and there was no local rise of temperature.

‘’A solitary nodule is seen in the left anterior lower vestibule region extending from 31 to 33, normal in colour and obliterating the vestibule. On palpation the nodule was firm in consistency and non-tender.  Based on these findings a clinical diagnosis of mucocele was made and a differential diagnosis of minor salivary gland tumor and fibroma was given’’, Obaala further said.

According to Dr.Obaala, Oral and maxillofacial pathology can involve many different types of tissues of the head. Different disease processes affect different tissues within this region with various outcomes.  A great many diseases involve the mouth, jaws and orofacial skin.

‘’There are many pathologies that can affect the oral and maxillofacial region’’, he added.

Information from the UK and Australia based News-Medical.Net, a global health news site with over 53 million annual visitor sessions worldwide indicate that surgeons apply this combined knowledge in the treatment of conditions such as salivary gland disease, facial pain, impacted teeth, head and neck cancers, jaw cysts or tumors and many other problems involving the oral mucosa such as infections and ulcers.

Cancers and other complications of the face, neck, and jaw are often removed by maxillofacial surgeon who have trained to take out the tumor without damaging the delicate nerves that run throughout your head and neck

Obaala’s Organization ‘Smile Afresh International’ is a Uganda Community Based Health Care nonprofit nongovernmental organization involved in Capacity building for health workers with support from its partners using participatory methods and approaches to achieve affordable health.

Currently, the Organization is stuck with scores of patients both adults and children who need emergency surgery to survive.

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