Health Water systems improved in Kashari, Councilor Loyda praised for the lobbying efforts


Amos Tayebwa


Locals / Citizens from Mbarara District particularly Kagongi  Sub-county in Kashari North are blessed to receive piped water from the Ministry of Water that was lobbied by some committed Leaders from Mbarara District.

The 7.5km water pipe lines will be supplied to different water stressed areas of Nsika, Bwengure and Kyandahi parishes all from Kagongi Sub-county. This project has been launched and handed over by the newly appointed Resident District Commissioner for Mbarara, Emmy Turyabagyenyi Katera. He handed over all the materials from the ministry to the Leadership of Kagongi Sub-county. This was held on Wednesday this week at Kagongi Sub-county in the presence of Mbarara District Leadership.

According to Joseph Munguzi, the Mbarara Water Officer said that through the Leadership of Kagongi and the community people they mobilized and petitioned to the Speaker of Mbarara District requesting for water pipes for their areas. Munanukye, the Speaker of Mbarara District forwarded and submitted this request to the committee of works at Mbarara District requesting the committee to look into this matter. He also approached Hon. Councilor LoydaTwinomujuni Muhimbura who is a member of the same committee  as a person who has the capacity to  lobby directly from the ministry of Water . Indeed, Councilor Loyda was able to submit the same letter to the ministry where the Permanent Secretary recognized her and again he was positive to her letter and replied positively by giving 7.5km of HDPE PN10 pipes with their connectors. And they have all been handed over to the right authorities.

He further noted that next week as a District water Officer will come back to the sub-county and he will arise with the community and the Lc3 Chairperson to move to the areas mentioning the letter to see exactly where they can start from.  He said that there is no money to lay these pipes but they are going to start mobilizing the community so that they can provide labour for excavation then the experts from the District water office will come and do the laying or fixing of the pipes.

Loyda Muhimbura  the District Female Councilor for Rubaya Sub-county said that her leadership is aimed at working for the people she leads, that she’s committed to lobby for her people at whatever level she can reach. That she connected with the office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Water who recognized her request and gave her the pipes. She believes most areas of Mbarara District are water stressed, something that stresses her and ensures to do as she can to create sources of safe water through lobbying and through injecting her own resources for people to get safe water. She emphasizes prevention other than curing the diseases.

“Mbarara particularly Kagongi is a cattle corridor and Mbarara was created in a way of having little water, in many parts of Mbarara people don’t have water, they are stressed up and they need water that’s why I have to put much effort to see that they get water in Rubaya, Kagongi and other water stressed areas in our District. I will continue to lobby to ensure that the people of Mbarara overcome the challenge of shortage of water” said Loyda.

“I also call upon the Government to keep on responding to our lobbying and to make sure that we get water because water is life” she added.

RDC Katera praised Councilor Loyda for the good heart she has committed to the people of Mbarara through lobbying them for the good services.  He appealed to the District Leadership to also take interest in funding for the remaining phase of laying these pipes and supply of water.  He cautioned the District Engineer and political leadership of the District that this one should not be a white elephant. “we have witnessed in other areas where a delivery is witnessed by the representatives of the president and then they remain there idle lacking funds of installation, but let me hope this is not going to be the case, and the chief government monitor will not allow these pipes to be laid to rest, atleast the budget must be there in place to make People of Bwengure, Nsika, and Kyandahi benefit from the government initiative” said RDC Katera.

Didas Tabaro, the Mbarara District Chairman, appreciated the Ministry of Water for extending this support to the District.

“I want to appreciate everybody that was involved in this lobbying right from LC3 up to the District and National level that has enabled the ministry and government of Uganda to facilitate our District with these pipes to extend water in Nsika, Bwengure and Kyandahi” Tabaro, the District Chairman.

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