Hon. Anite paints Koboko town Yellow with NRM T-shirts

Hon. Evelyn Anite in assessment meeting with women SACCO members, metal fabricators, mechanics and local leaders in Koboko municipality.

Hon. Evelyn Anite in assessment meeting with women SACCO members, metal fabricators, mechanics and local leaders in Koboko municipality.

Koboko – As the police spraying rioters with coloured water for easy apprehension, Koboko Municipality Legislator, Hon. Evelyn Anite in three days drives paints the town yellow with hundreds of supporters in NRM T-shirts, to woo voters.

Hon. Evelyn Anite, also the state minister for investment and privatization on JUly 9 donates 4 generators, 3 compressors and brick making machines among other items to her constituency in a move dubbed “Economic empowerment and poverty alleviation” as Uganda attempts to recover from business meltdown due to the global COVID-19 pandemic as a result of unprecedented lockdown that brought income-generating activities to halt.

In an interface with the beneficiaries; the “Jua Kali” welders mechanics and women SACCOs, Hon. Anite also conducted an assessment on the progress of financial literacy training by BRAC on financial management. A campaign aimed at empowering women and the Jua Kali groups whom she equipped with tools to aid their operations.

Koboko MP who had recently bankrolled the women SACCOs with an additional Ugx. 92M on top of Ugx. 100M she handed earlier to the groups after training by BRAC, appreciates the financial institution for independently offering financial literacy and business start-up kit to the people of West Nile region.

According to the legislator, Koboko qualifies for industrial park to boost production for ready markets in the neighboring countries.

“We are fortunate that we have a ready market with Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and even the Central African Republic, so let’s prepare and utilize this opportunity effectively to benefit from it by generate wealth and create employment for the people ” Hon. Anite notes.

Hon. Anite also pledges in video campaign she launched on social media early this week to lobby for establishment of a fully functional industrial park in Koboko municipality.

“I’m standing as MP again to represent the people of Koboko Municipality for the second term but this time round, I have changed my focus with the major interest on job creation through industrialization” Hon. Anite assures her viewers.

She says, having industries will create the desired jobs, not only for her people in Koboko Municipality but the entire West Nile region.

Hon. Anite handing compressor to mechanics in Koboko Municipality

Financial empowerment for poverty alleviation has been a major issue on the MPs development agenda.

“I want to ensure we address the issue of poverty. Poverty alleviation, how do we do it? This term that is ending, I’ve started economic empowerment by financially aiding village SACCO groups to enable them start saving money” the MP explains.

Hon. Anite aims at lifting the people of Koboko Municipality to attain self-reliance.

“I want them to be self sustaining, economically empowered by not only teaching financial literacy but also offering monetary support to the various village SACCOs to empower the village savings groups with money making skills to address household income hence alleviate poverty, address the issue of shelter, water and sanitation” the minister draws her line of focus.

On top of her ambitions to addressing youth unemployment through industrialization and poverty alleviation drive, Hon. Anite targets to eradicate rampant teenage pregnancies in her constituency.

“As I’ve been moving in the constituency through the five years, I’ve being seeing young girls who get pregnant at the age of 12 and 13 years even when they are still in primary school” the MP laments at the misery of teenager.

Hon. Anite discloses an appalling scenario of teenage pregnancy when she visited primary schools in her constituency before closure institution of learning due to COVID-19.

“I visited all primary schools in Koboko and discovered that teenage pregnancy is a big challenge in the constituency. I will stand to ensure that together with parents, we address the matter by making sure culprits are apprehended to face courts of law” she warns.

Appreciating efforts of the ruling government and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Hon. Anite vows to ensure Koboko enjoys best roads,health facilities and stability in the country.

“I will lobby from government and also my own account to make sure that all roads in Koboko are tarmacked. We did great job in tarmacking a big number of roads in the municipality in the last Parliament (2016-2021) but in the new term, I Will ensure my people have best road infrastructure, more health facilities as well as completing and equipping the maternity ward that has been started” the MP recounts.

Noting the proximity of Koboko municipality to two warring neighboring countries, Hon. Anite says the tranquillity that the people enjoy is as a result of President Museveni’s efforts.

“Koboko is three kilometers from Democratic Republic of Congo and Nineteen kilometers from South Sudan. With NRM agenda of peace and stability, we should continuously harness peace and stability. Thanks to president Museveni for championing peace and stability in the great lakes region” Hon. Anite exalts her party boss on development, peace and security.

Koboko business community expresses gratitude to Hon. Anite for food and none food support and financial boost to their businesses she extended to them during the lockdown period.

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