How Security Foiled Mbabazi Pompous Declaration

President Museveni (L) and Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the NRM parliamentary caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi recently.


A security report on the former premier suggests that though he said that he wants to stand for president within the NRM structure, Mbabazi actually wants to cause defections within the party after the Namboole meeting.

President Museveni (L) and Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the NRM parliamentary caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi recently.
President Museveni (L) and Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the NRM parliamentary caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi recently.

The same premier has allegedly come up with a plan of provoking security agencies into harassing him in order to popularize himself.

‘Let him announce, government is not bothered. He is inconsequential’ senior sources in security stated.

According to security, Mbabazi had paid opposition and boda cyclists in all major towns of the country whose work was to wear his T-shirts, carry his posters as they hurl insults at president Museveni and his government.

This move however failed to take off after it was leaked to intelligence which acted swiftly.

The security agencies are however, under instructions not to accept to land into Mbabazi’s trap of provocation.

As such, they have been advised to let him do what he wants like Gen. David Sejusa so long as he respects the laws of the country.

“There were supposed to be simultaneous actions in form of riots across the country after his declaration. These were planned for yesterday and in subsequent days in order to provoke security. We know he has printed one million T-shirts and one million posters to be given out and worn by his people who have been hired. Among these people, there is opposition and some disgruntled NRM supporters,” senior security sources stated.

The government therefore called upon NRM members to maintain cohesion and ignore Mbabazi who is trying to divide the party.

Sources stated that prior to his declaration, there was a heated argument within his camp on the particular plan he should present to the public as regards his presidential bid.

One side wanted Mbabazi to announce that he is joining the opposition (TDA).

Another team said he should hoodwink president Museveni and NRM party by announcing that that he is still NRM and will seek the presidency of the party through the NRM delegates’ conference.

It is because of this sharp argument that Mbabazi was allegedly forced to declare his bid suggesting that he will stand in the NRM party primaries for president.

He went on to state that after this, he would then present himself to the masses to seek votes for president of Uganda though he didn’t specify his plan B in case Namboole bruises him.

“Mbabazi knows he will lose in Namboole. He will then go to the opposition alliance claiming rigging. His aim of competing within NRM is to weaken and destabilize the party because after being defeated, he will defect with some NRM people,” top security sources added.

The sources went on; “he is already working with the opposition through Hope Mwesigye who has been representing him in their meetings. For him to continue saying that he is NRM it is laughable. He is only hoodwinking himself.”

The sources added that Mbabazi’s decision to declare his bid on social media was because he got a ‘fake’ tip off that security wanted to search his home again and also net him over some unknown reasons.

By announcing, he allegedly wanted to avert looming arrest after being duped by his contacts in the system.

The sources further stated that some of his radical supporters are formulating hate messages to circulate them through SMS.

He has allegedly already bought 2million cards and handsets which are going to be given to people to widen his network. Some of the messages are supposed to directly target the first family.

Shockingly, among his team of mobilisers who have allegedly been executing his network are members of parliament whose list is already before the president.

The members are supposed to be exposed in the upcoming NRM caucus meeting to sit in Entebbe.

It should be remembered that the president exposed Mbabazi and schemes in this very NRM caucus sitting in Entebbe last year.

Security says Mbabazi is loaded and he spends USD10000 daily to execute his mission. He has accumulated cash which he got during his stay in government.

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