I am Right to Appoint Kyabazinga as Ambassador – M7

President Museveni congratulating Kyabaziganga Gabula Nadiope the IV during his enthronement at Busoga Kingdom Headquarters at Bugembe in Jinja on September 13, 2014. PPU photo by Kato Jacob

I am Right to Appoint Kyabazinga as Ambassador – M7

President Museveni has defended the appointment of the Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope Gabule IV as ambassador.

Addressing a gathering at the 78th Kyabazinga Day celebrations in Namutumba district, President Museveni said cultural leaders should get employment and work for the development of their kingdoms.

“The cultural leaders are people like others, and they always have developmental minds, so we are trying to put them into use,” Museveni said.

He responded to critics that the appointment was based on grounds that the Kyabazinga has skills he should put into use.

He also dismissed allegations that it’s the Kyabazinga who approached him seeking for a job.

“The Kyabazinga did not come to me looking for a job, I just trusted this young man and am sure he will deliver,” Museveni.

The Kyabazinga in his speech emphasized unity, Transparency and Accountability in the Kingdom by the stakeholders.

He asked his subjects to promote; education Health and unity in the Kingdom which he said are keys to development.

The Kyabazinga Day marks 78 years since 1939 when eleven chiefs came together to form the Kyabazinga institution.

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