I Am The Best Ugandan Artist Of All Time – A-Pass

 I Am The Best Ugandan Artist Of All Time – A-Pass

By Serestino Tusingwire

Ugandan Reggae dance hall artist Alexander Bagonza aka Apass believes he is the best Ugandan Musician that has ever existed.

Apass said this on Monday evening on his twitter handle; “You may not feel what I feel but honestly, I feel like the greatest artist in Uganda #NoDiRespect.”

Apass did not stop there but rather posted lots of tweets such as; “Musicians like A Pass are hard to find, they are like Pokémon but the fact is that APass could not hide forever.”

Apass has never been shy to express his feelings especially on Ugandan music but this time he leaves many wondering if he is seeking attention or really means what he is saying.

Through his tweet on Tuesday, Apass revealed that it wasn’t his dream to become an artist but it was his mother’s call to change Ugandan music.

“To be honest my dream was not to be an artist but my Mom pleaded with me every morning to save the dead asleep Ug music industry,” he tweeted.

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