I pity you! Museveni Stings Tumukunde, Muntu and Besigye for Failing to Deliver in Govt

Rukungiri – President Museveni has slammed opposition leaders asking him to go yet they have not taken to understand why he came into power.

While addressing NRM leaders – drawn from Rukungiri and Kanungu districts – at Boma Grounds, Museveni rapped ANT’s Gen Mugisha Muntu, former presidential candidate Col. Dr Kizza Besigye and Independent Gen. Tumukunde for being opportunists.

“They have served in the NRM government and failed to deliver to their people. They do not know what put me in politics are busy making noise that I should go. Do I seem to not know where I am going?” Museveni throws jabs at the presidential opponents hailing from the region.

NRM Presidential Candidate Yoweri Museveni speaks to the party delegates the Rukungiri Boma Grounds on Monday December 14.

“Why should I go when you are useless? I have been pushing you like a wheelbarrow to serve and you have proved otherwise. Let me stay and watch if there is anyone responsible to lead Uganda; not these people,” added Museveni.

Museveni, further, cracked a whip on the opposition leaders asserting that they were trying to incite him to drop his principles and engage in useless fights over power without a sense of direction.

The party chairman tasked party leaders to ignore the cheap talk and elect leaders with purpose. He, further, challenge the leaders to fight poverty within their communities by being change agents in creating an income generating.

On another note, Rukungiri NRM chairperson, Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, lashed at Opposition for continued flouting of the covid-19 thus risking the lives of innocent Ugandans.

While addressing NRM delegates convened in Rukungiri, Gen. Muhwezi, who is a MP aspirant for the Rujumbura constituency, noted with concern over the nature at which some members of the opposition are conduction campaigns.

Rujumbura county MP aspirant, Jim Muhwezi, speaks to leaders.

“I have seen some members of the opposition overwhelming exposing their votes to the deadly coronavirus. It is unfortunate and absurd that they misguiding the people and yet COVID-19 is real,” Muhwezi lashed out.

The former ICT Minister praised candidate Museveni for being an exemplary leader by continuously observing the SOPs holding ‘scientific’ meetings rather than holding public processions on his campaign trail.

While delivering the memorandum to party chairman, Hon. Muhwezi praised the NRM government for prioritizing infrastructural development and improving livelihood of the people of Rukungiri and Kanungu.

The Rujumbura county MP aspirant cited the Road works of the 78km Rukungiri–Kihihi–Ishasha–Kanungu Road whose construction commenced and is now at 35 percent and set for completion 24 months.

Other road works set for construction include; Ishasha – Katunguru (88.0Km), Muhanga – Kisiizi – Rwashamaire (78.8Km), Kanungu – Rugyeyo – Nyakishenyi – Kisizi – Muhanga (70Km), among others. Feasibility Study and Preliminary Engineering Designs for the roads is underway.

The grading of Rwabuteera – Kanyanshande Spur, Katojo – Kihihi, Kanungu – Kihihi – Ishasha junction and Kanyantorogo – Butogota – Kyeshero – Buhoma roads is ongoing in Rukungiri and Kanungu districts.

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