I’ll Not Rest Until M7 Is Ousted – Lukwago


I’ll Not Rest Until M7 Is Ousted – Lukwago

Kampala city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has revealed that he will not tire until his ‘noble’ goal of ensuring regime change is achieved.

Lukwago, a political nemesis of President Yoweri Museveni reveled while appearing on a local television station on Friday morning.

“I’m not about to change unless we have achieved the noble goal of regime change. That’s my constitutional responsibility,” Lukwago said before adding, “I am all for development and regime change. We must fix Kampala’s problems and change the regime. Service delivery can’t be divorced from wider aspects such as rule of law and constitutionalism. That’s why I am not tiring.”

He went on to say, “As an individual, I might look helpless. Some have called me a cry baby. I believe in people power. It’s mightier than the gun.”

The city mayor spent the larger part of his first five year term in and out of his office battling court cases about his legitimacy. He has always blamed his woes on President Museveni. For those who thought that probably his relationship with the central government was on a path of cohesion, Lukwago stated during the show that, “Unfortunately, the showdown between the Lord Mayor and the president has started again.”

Commenting on the promise by Kampala minister Beti Kamya to campaign for Museveni for the 2021 presidential elections, Lukwago said a line had been drawn between him and the ministers over her vow.

“Despite the latest strategy to make Kampala the launching pad for the next campaign, it’s far from success. When Kamya proclaimed she will get Museveni 80% of Kampala, a line was drawn,” Lukwago said on Friday.

He also attacked the president saying, “”When it comes to entrenching his personal rule, President M7 can do anything; give out money, be aggressive etc.”

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