I’m only 21 and I love sex—Fabiola

Sexy Anita Kyarimpa


City sex goddess Anita Fabiola is by far the most lusted-after female celebrity in Uganda but she is willing to add more to what you know about her.

Sexy Anita Kyarimpa
Sexy Anita Kyarimpa

In a recent social media question and answer with her fans, Fabiola revealed how she is only 21 years young, and she really loves sex.

When asked whether she fancies the bedminton game, Fabiola was quick to say, ‘Everyone does’…Of course including her.

However, her age has sparked off harsh comments from the public, roasting her for hiding and cutting her real age.

It should be noted that the former NTV presenter is a would-be second year student of mass communication at Makerere University, though we don’t have any proof that she still goes to school.

It would take the Pope’s intervention for one to believe that Fabiola is actually 21 when she has spent almost 18 years in school.

Meanwhile in the same Q and A, Fabiola revealed that she is single and has no links whatsoever to Meddie Ssentongo anymore.

Practically, Fabiola could now be starving since she is has no permanent viewer of her titanic eclipse.

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