IN PICTURES: Mourners In Grief At Keron’s Vigil

Yesterday evening, it was a somber mood at Mr. kabugo’s home in Kawuku as mourners gathered to say bye to Juliana’s only kid who succumbed to acute Asthma attack on Sunday (July 20) at Agakhan hospital in Nairobi.

Juliana being helped by a friend as she walks to the house
Juliana being helped by a friend as she walks to the house

The remains of Keron arrived at Kawuku at about 4pm and upon seeing the casket, grief engulfed the mourners and tears were seen rolling down on their faces.

Keron's remains arriving at Kawuku
Keron’s remains arriving at Kawuku

Juliana who arrived later could barely walk by herself and she was helped by a friend who helped her to get into the house.

Amon Lukwago the father of Keron looked confused and speechless as he could not believe that his son is gone.

Keron's Dad Amon Lukwago
Keron’s Dad Amon Lukwago

A requiem mass will be held on Friday at All Saints Cathedral and thereafter Keron’s body will be taken to Muryagonja in Matugga where he will be laid to rest.

Prince Wassaja and Katikilo C P Mayiga were among the mourners
Prince Wassaja and Katikilo C P Mayiga were among the mourners


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2 thoughts on “IN PICTURES: Mourners In Grief At Keron’s Vigil

  1. FOR our Brother in Christ KERON RAPHAEL KABUGO whose now with our FATHER and LORD. This is a song testified and sung to our LORD JESUS by Angels in heaven when ANNA ROUNTREE visited HEAVEN. Testimony in – THE PRIESTLY BRIDE from SASHA 11 Years and SEAN 6 years your sister and brother in CHRIST.

    Let the earth hear heaven declare.
    Hear, O Earth, its voice.
    Paradise breathes out a prayer.
    Trees and rocks rejoice.
    Every minute, every hour
    Singing songs unsung,
    Praising mysteries of His power,
    Blades of grass a tongue.
    Endless wonder, endless awe,
    Endless pure delight,
    Life and love the Spirit’s law
    In heaven, land of light.
    Ever seeing, yet unseen
    Spirits join as one,
    Extolling God, our gracious King,
    Extolling Christ, His Son.
    Hear, O Earth, as heaven sings.
    Echo back its praise,
    Silent, joyful thundering
    To God, th’ Ancient of Days.


  2. Amon take heart! You are a father and a parent as well,thanks for being there for your son when he needed you most.You have done what any other good father and parent would have done.Thanks for standing with Juliana during this trying time,standing together and respecting your child’s wishes by giving him what he deserved best even when he left you in body.As parents you did your best and have sent the best example to many who thought things can not work out amicably when you are not living as a couple.You did your best as parents but God is the one who determines how long one has to live.Thank God for having given you that gift which He has called home.You loved him but God loved him more.May Keron Rest In Everlasting Peace!

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