Independent MPs Coin New Plot On NRM Primaries

Resigning their seats in parliament is something they detest. And yet, they badly want to participate in the upcoming NRM primaries!

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In order not to lose out on any of the two, the members have coined a new strategy!

In this strategy, the legislators are not going to resign calculating that those who want to sue them for participating in primaries without having resigned will have no time to pursue them.


In the plan, the members will go and pick nomination forms.

Insiders in the plan tell us that after picking nominations, the members will vigorously campaign and grab the flag.

But while doing this, the members will not resign their seats.

There is a plan for all of them to meet the speaker and request her not to fish them out of parliament until a court order is given to that effect.

According to the plan, the members feel that a court order cannot be given just like that without their side of the story.

They will thus hire lawyers to defend them in court in an effort to buy time.

The whole plan is to buy time so that by the time court decides on their matter, the NRM primaries would have ended and nominations for the national elections would be in progress.

“We cannot resign. The court ruling of that fished out the 76 MPs [in 8th [parliament] was for those people. We cannot be stopped from coming to parliament because we have participated in NRM primaries. Where is the court order telling us to leave parliament? For us to stop coming to parliament will mean that we absconded from duty! It is until we get served with a court order after a through process that we shall leave,” the sources explained.

The sources added that ‘our plan is to stay in parliament but at the same time participate in primaries. We hope that by the time they will challenge our stay in parliament it will be a matter overtaken by events because primaries would have ended and cannot be repeated’


In 2010, 76 legislators including ministers lost their parliamentary seats after the constitutional court ruled against former MP William Oketcho who participated in NRM primaries yet he had been an independent. The MP hadn’t resigned his seat.

Court went ahead and asked the speaker of parliament to fish out even other legislators who participated in primaries without having resigned.

At the end of it all, 75 more MPs were affected by the ruling. However, the same issue has now resurrected but the current MPs claim that the ruling affected the MPs of 8th parliament.

Secondly, they want a court order directing them to quit parliament just as it was done to the 76 MPs of last parliament when court wrote to the speaker instructing him to chase them.

The members according to the law are supposed to resign before picking nomination forms for primaries.

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