Inzikuru Husband Acidri Is dead

Dorcus Inzikuru's husband Bosco Acidri

Dorcus Inzikuru's husband Bosco Acidri
Dorcus Inzikuru’s husband Bosco Acidri

World Steeple chase Gold winner Dorcus Inzikuru’s husband Bosco Acidri is dead.

Acidri who has been an accountant at Kuluva Mission Hospital, Adumi health center IV succumbed to a combination of ailments that included, Severe anemia,  Liver Serosis, portal hypertension and Hepatitis B.

Acidri married Inzikuru but the two separated early last year after the latter allegedly found a strange woman in her matrimonial bedroom.

At the time, an enraged Inzikuru removed the iron sheets from the house they jointly built. The woman declined to identify herself and told Inzikuru to ask Acidri for an explanation.

According to a relative, Acidri will be laid to rest at his ancestral home in Adibo village, Addra parish in Madi Offaka

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