Iron-ore Miner Dismisses Licence Expiry claims, Cites Political Foul Play

Kabale | RedPepper Digital – Moses Kamuntu of Kamuntu investments has trashed claims by Dr Narcis Kabatereine and John Barisigara over claims of expiry of license.

Dr Kabatereine organized a group of hooligans to chant claims and make accusations against Kamuntu that mines on his land, make a fortune and pays meagre which the legislator says is also a false accusation aimed at tarnishing his politician career.

Kamuntu, who is the Rubanda County West Member of parliament, dismissed the claims and revealed that the two who are fighting him are being used by his political nemesis

He says that he has been in the iron ore mining business for the last 10 years with no case of land grabbing in court; adding that those that claim his company owes them money need to come out with evidence

he is willing to pay them instead of being used by some of his political opponents who they know when the factory is constructed he will be more popular and no one will defeat him in the MP seat saying that his enter in politics is not keeping as  MP but he wants to help his people to get out of poverty.

“I have been in this business for the last 10 years no one has taken me to court that I took his land let them come with evidence that I owe them money I will pay instead of being used by some of my political opponents and those that want to block the factory from being constructed in Rubanda but be taken to Mbarara saying no one will block the factory from being constructed   “. Said Kamuntu.

Kamuntu says that he know of the team that has been paid  so as to demonstrate so that they can fail the factory to show that the people of Rubanda doesn’t want the factory saying that h e is not move by their moves .

In 2018 President Museveni ordered the ban of exportation or raw materials out of the country but in 2021 he later allowed Kamuntu Investments after locals of Kabale and Rubanda petitioned him over the iron ore stones that were lying idle on the road sides in Rubanda and Kabale district as many people had invested a lot of money in the business and were making loses.

The conflict between Kamuntu and John Barisigara and Dr Narcis Kabatereine begun after  the two Barisigara and Kabatereine who are cousins  applied to be granted a location license on  October 17th 2017 the Directorate of Geological survey and mines received an application for a location license (TN2644) from Dr Narcis Kabatereine on parcel of land that he owns.

The application was considered in accordance with then mining regulations 2004. However M/S Kamuntu investments limited had submitted another application for an exploration license (TN 2643) over the same over lapping area, which was granted as exploration license LL00046 curved out of EL 1740 for extraction of the iron ore.  

Since then the two parties have been engaged in small scale mining disputes over the areas specifically hindering access to surface rights for M/S Kamuntu investments limited failure by Dr Narcis Kabatereine to acquire a mineral right over his land  

 On Wednesday meeting was organized by the Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, at St. Johns Ikumba Primary School in Hamurwa Sub-county, Rubanda District.

A team of technocrats led by the Asst. Commissioner in charge of monitoring and inspection Eng. Joseph Okedi had gone on a fact-finding mission about the long dispute between Kamuntu Investments Company and the community affected by its mining activities in the region.

The meeting turned chaotic some goons began hulling insults to Kamuntu Lawyers from GEM Advocates who had represented him in the meeting it was then the lawyers had to walk out of the meeting this was after Pius Katumba Busobozi from GEM Advocates,   said that the meeting was illegal because the organizers did not have any documentation regarding the complaints against their client.

Bruno Byereta the General Manager of Kamuntu Investments Limited denies all the accusations against the company and his boss as he says that he has managed Kamuntu’s mining activities for ten years says that their company did not owe any amount of money to the complainants.

 He also denies accusations of trespass on anyone’s land, adding that whoever had evidence should present it to court and they would be paid right away.

Meanwhile, Eng. Joseph Okedi who chaired the meeting said that the delegation from the Ministry of Energy and mineral development would file a comprehensive report about their findings after listening to all the stakeholders, including . Kamuntu.

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