Iryn Drug Saga Takes New Twist

International Police-Interpol is investigating circumstances that led to the arrest of Iryn Namubiru, local music celebrity with narcotic drugs at a Japanese airport. The 2011 PAM Awards winner was picked up with two kilograms of MDMA drug on Thursday last week and locked up at Chiba prefecture police station in Japan. Asan Kasingye, the director Interpol says they are following on some leads. Kasingye explains that they are trying to establish whether Hakim Tumwesigye, Namubiru’s promoter in Japan and Alex Muyomba where in the know about the narcotics.

Muyomba allegedly parked the food for Namubiru, in which the drug was found. Kasingye, who was meeting local music promoter Balaam Barugahare at his Interpol offices in Kololo, says that he has questioned Tumwesigye on why he fled to Uganda from Japan after learning of her arrest. He says that their investigations will extend to Entebbe International airport to establish how the drugs made it through the checkpoints. Entebbe International airport is being used as a transit point for drugs to Western countries.

Kasingye says that he is not in a hurry to arrest any suspects because he wouldn’t have any specific charges to bring against them. He however, says that they will swing in action immediately they get compelling evidence. This afternoon, Bahugahare and Andrew Benon Kibuuka handed over sworn affidavits to the Director Interpol in a bid to save Namubiru. Barugahare asked Kasingye to send copies of the statements to Interpol Japan to be used in the on-going investigations.

Earlier Balaam Barugahare revealed he had engaged Yuko Matsumoto of Miyahara Law office at the tune of 10,000 US dollars represent Namubiru when she appears in court on May 25. Barugahare says the lawyer has also visited the artist, who insists she is innocent. He explains that Namubiru is concerned about the time she will spend in jail and eating Japanese food. Meanwhile local artists have written to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to intervene in the arrest of Iryn Namubiru. Andrew Benon Kibuuka says they are doing everything possible to help Namubiru.

Iryn Namubiru’s mother is expected in the country soon to follow her daughter’s plight.

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    1. snails and Caterpillars! oh not to forget dog and snake meat is what they take as a delicacy. so that is whats wrong with japenese food.

      1. You do realise that other cultures frown at Ugandans eating grasshoppers, a fish head (most British I have spoken to gag at the very thought of eating the eyes and sucking out the brain – a delicacy for most Ugandans that I know- and pork (Jews and Muslims would be apoplectic if fed the same) to name but a few.

        What is wrong with a few caterpillars and snails? Remember the UN has just said that we (globally) need to think about eating insects to alleviate food security concerns.

        Anyway I would have thought the loss of liberty would have been of greater concern.

        Priorities please!!!!

        1. @Dembula.It couldn’t have been better stated. Well written comment indeed. You seem to be ahead of information. I must have seen the UN insect eating
          thing on the news recently. I think I was watching Al Jazeera. I get
          nostalgic just thinking about ”Nsenene” because I know it will be many years before I eat them. That is, hands down, one of my favorite dishes. Greeting from Norway. BTW, mind getting in touch?.

      2. So they would be serving their expensive ‘delicacies’ in jail to prisoners? Do they serve grasshoppers in Luzira too?? What’s wrong with Japanese noodles??

  1. her celebrity status stops at entebbe airport. thats why she managed to beat their security and carry the drugs. the officers instead of checking her luggage, they where busy asking for her signature and posing with her for pictures

  2. her celebrity status stops at entebbe airport thats why she managed to beat their security and walk freely sans checking her luggage. the officers at the airport instead of checking her luggage, they were busy excited to see her and asking her for autographs and taking pictures with her.

  3. Sorry Namubiru.However stop dealing in drugs because it will spoil your image

  4. The truth will set one free, if she is innocent God will fight for her and if the reverse is true may God have mercy on her soul but she is in serious trouble drug trafficking is a serious offence around the world now, i hope she can get past this one seriously i worry for her kids.

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