Western Countries Using NGOs To Recolonize Africa – PAM PRO Asiimwe

The Public Relations Officer of the Pan African Movement, Mr Steven Asiimwe says western countries are using various Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to penetrate the African continent and impose their hegemony.

Pan African Movement's Asiimwe (L) stressing a point in the interview with RP's Alex Masereka
Pan African Movement’s Asiimwe (L) stressing a point in the interview with RP’s Alex Masereka

Asiimwe revealed this in an interview with Red Pepper when asked who the biggest enemies of Pan Africanism are.

“Neo-colonialism is the biggest enemy of Pan Africanism and unlike before where colonialists directly imposed rule, they are now using the cover of NGOs to indirectly subdue Africans.” Asiimwe said.

Asiimwe’s revelation comes ahead of the week long celebrations to mark the Jubilee of the African Union and Pan Africanism that will be held from 20th – 25th of this month in Kampala, Uganda.

The celebrations will be held at the Pan African Freedom square under the theme “Pan Africanism and African Renaissance” and according to Asiimwe: we shall be sensitizing African masses and arouse their consciousness to cause of Pan Africanism.

When asked whether the movement has any achievement to look up and celebrate ever since its inception, Asiimwe said “We are celebrating where we are and not achievements. We want to revitalize our psychology and awaken the struggle for true independence in the 21st century”. He added.

Kampala was chosen because it hosts the headquarters of the Global Pan African Movement while separate celebrations will be held across African countries to celebrate Pan Africanism.

As part of the celebrations, the secretariat has organized a series of activities that include; a blood donation exercise, public dialogues, documentary screenings in addition to community awareness programs aimed at raising awareness about the importance of Pan Africanism to the various African communities living in Uganda.

Renowned academicians and Pan Africanists will grace the dialogues and debates. They include; Chango Macho, Professor Mahmood Mamdani, Yassin Olum, Dr Matembe and many more.

On the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo that never seems to end and why the movement seems silent on the issue, Asiimwe says the movement is “constrained by resources” before adding;

“The media has let us down, no media house seems to be interested in cause of Pan Africanism…African media houses should strive to create their own narrative instead of following the lead of international sites like CNN, BBC that normally have bias when reporting about African affairs” Asiimwe stressed.

He however paid tribute to the mighty Red Pepper for being part of the campaign to raise the awareness and consciousness of Africans towards the cause of Pan Africanism.

“We are glad that the Red Pepper has shown willingness to be part of the struggle, other media houses should also borrow a leaf from the Paper” Asiimwe advised.

Asiimwe says that with the celebration, the movement aims at espousing the African philosophy to enable Africans strategically position themsleves and not be left behind in the modern world.


It was established in April 1994 by the participants of the 7th Pan African Congress held in Kampala.

The secretariat was created to act as coordination centre for all PAM activities, popularize resolutions adopted, mobilize, sensitize Africans on the continent and in the diaspora and to organize more PA congresses in the future among other roles.

The participants at the 7th Congress established different organs that include; the Pan African Women’s Liberation Organization, the Pan African Youth Movement and National chapters to help mobilize within the continent and the diaspora.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is the movement’s patron.

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