Items to Make Outfits Look Expensive

By Tonny Akankwatsa

You don’t even have to blow your rent on them. Seriously, there are few things more valuable in your wardrobe than the things that, well, look valuable. Which isn’t to say they necessarily have to be crazy expensive! They just have to make you feel expensive.

Personal style quirks aside, there are a handful of items that can be relied on time and time again to convey this ‘I am rich feeling,’ and they are surprisingly basic! Maybe even boring! But nevertheless, adding one or two of these pieces makes whatever you’re wearing look ever so slightly more luxurious.

Show your authentic style, than copying others.

If you’re going to invest in anything in your wardrobe, these are the things. You’ll likely wear them forever but like I said, you don’t have to.

Camel Coat

A good camel coat is heaven. Sharp and crisp, it’s menswear-sh but also kind of sexy. And no color, truly, is more rich-lady than camel. Except maybe navy or any other dull colors.

camel coat

Masculine coat,
Wear it with your favorite jeans (even if they’re covered in holes and kinda filthy! It’s very fashionable!) and a white T-shirt/tee, and bingo! The illusion of great wealth is on you.

Masculine coat.

Clean White Sneaker

Logo sneakers,
Thought I was going to say a good heel? Wrong! Sure, a classic heel is helpful for, say, a job interview or a fancy night out, but there’s something very “I don’t need to impress anyone” about a classic, clean white sneaker. 

Logo sneakers.

Low-top leather sneakers, Crisp, simple white sneakers are one of the most democratic items in fashion. You can pay a lot or a little for them, but they just always look good.

Low-top leather sneakers.

Minimalist Tote

Black small tote, It’s tempting to buy nothing but statement the, ‘It bags,’ but for the sake of a journey, resist. A sleek, minimalist tote does the trick in any situation. It always looks elegant and understated, rather than trendy and try-hard.

Black small tote.

Leather tote,
I love this because it’s roomy or spacious enough for work, but would also do as an extra-fancy gym bag. You go along with a lot of items needed say gadgets, cosmetics name it.

Leather tote.

Diamond Studs

Stone & Strand tiny diamond studs, 
There are few things more classic or dreamy than diamond studs. They literally go with everything, and always look nice. They do come at every size and price point.

tiny diamond studs .

Solitaire diamond studs,
Wearing them has a similar effect as getting a blowout: you look every so slightly more polished, but not at all overdone. 

Solitaire diamond studs.

Cashmere Sweater.                

The joys of a good cashmere sweater are never ending. Nothing feels snugglier, or looks better even with shorts on. I recommend one in a neutral like gray or navy, and when it inevitably starts to pill no matter how much you spend on cashmere, it always pills this thing will make it look like new again.

Cashmere sweater.

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