Jacob Oulanyah apologises to Besigye over Disrupting his rally


Deputy speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah has apologized to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) flag bearer Kizza Besigye over disrupting his rally in Gulu last week.

In a press statement Jacob Oulanyah also absolved himself from the violence arguing that it was started by Gulu Woman MP Betty Ocan Aol.

“I sincerely apologize to Col. Besigye, Gen Muntu, Hon. Tolit, Chairman Ojara Mapenduzi and the other leaders of FDC, who unfortunately had to witness an incident that could have been avoided,” Oulanyah said.

He added; “I would like to urge the Leaders who were present to advice their colleague to respect other people instead of making false statements that seem to suggest that somebody, other than Hon. Betty Aol’s rather confrontational and aggressive way of operation, was responsible for the unfortunate incident.”

Oulanyah said he “forgive” Hon. Betty Aol and bears no grudge. Disputing the first account about the clash, he said Hon. Betty Aol travelled to Lalogi in a joint convoy with Col. Besigye, Gen Muntu, Hon. Tolit, Chairman Ojara Mapenduzi and several leaders of FDC. The convoy drove over 200 meters past his meeting venue then halted only for Hon Akol and a security team to alight and walk backwards to the school.

“I did not talk to Hon. Aol because by the time she and her security team forcefully entered and started shouting at, and pushing people around in an attempt to disperse the meeting, the meeting had already ended and I was sitting in the car ready to leave. I watched the mayhem that they were causing in disbelief. The leaders I have mentioned above can confirm what I have stated, because I trust and respect them as people of integrity.”

He added; “Gen. Muntu actually tried to restrain Hon Aol from walking back, over the 200 meters, to where our small meeting of about 70 people was peacefully sitting, because, according to the radio announcements, their rally was further ahead at Acet about 15 km from Aketket were my meeting was taking place.”

He argued that there was no way a small meeting of about 70 people could have been mistaken for FDC’s scheduled Presidential Candidate’s Official Campaign rally.

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