James Mulungaana’s 2026 Bid to Unseat Kibalya in Bugabula South Causes Stampede

James Mulungaana

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An adage by Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a renowned American writer, humorist and publisher that; “The secret to getting ahead is getting started,” was distinctly mastered by James Mulungaana  who wants to oust Maurice Kibalya for Bugabula South Seat come 2026.

As you read this, Mulungaana , the man from Kamuli with his strategists have embarked on building firm ground teams and mobilizers despite having four years  ahead to the elections.

James Mulungaana

‘’For the last sixteen years Mulungaana has been in politics of Kamuli and one of the political mothers he has is the former speaker of Parliament’’, said a source .


We have been reliably informed that Mulungaana’s 2026 bid against Kibalya has caused a stampede in the former speaker Kadaga’s political camp given that the duo belong to the same group.

Mulungaana, an outspoken young NRM Turk, is being backed by several stakeholders on ground that he has exposure, understands Kamuli problems and has been close to powers that be in the District.

‘’Some stakeholders had begged him to contest in 2021 but another group suggested that he prepares for 2026 with full backing of all political ,religious and cultural groups in Kamuli ‘’,revealed another source that spoke to our reporter.

Many of Mulungaana’s counterparts are serving as RDC’s, a position he declined saying he wants to represent Bugabula south.

Who is James Mulungaana?

Born on 10th October 1982, Mulungaana Kiroba Primary School and Busoga High school in Kamuli District for Primary and O-Level. He went to Kiira High School in Jinja for A –level before joining Makerere University for a certificate in Public Administration and Management in 2006.

He later joined Kyambogo University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science; he also holds several certificates from various trainings.

He worked with JR Business consult as a Monitoring and Evaluation assistant before joining National Water and Sewerage Corporation 2014 where he works as a commercial assistant in charge of Revenue Mobilization and business research to date.

Mulungaana’s programs aimed at empowering women, youth and the elderly through supporting various groups earned him tremendous support from residents.

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