Janzi Band to launch Band Night at Diners Lounge


Music is awesome, live band music is an unexplainably awesome experience.


Diners Lounge in bukoto is launching its monthly band nights with Uganda’s current most prominent band, Janzi this Thursday, the 26th of November 2015.

The newly opened Diners Lounge is a spot for the corporate and classy Party people.

Its serenity and ambience is perfect for a date, night out, birthday, stag or any kind of private party.

Their menu runs through a range of intercontinental and Asian dishes plus assorted liquors, spirits, beers and soft drinks. Its location in the outskirts of Kampala also provides quiet, and allows all revellers to enjoy the Live Band melody.

The all-male group that usually performs at Bigwig functions and classy hang outs will open and later the spin master Dj Shiru will get people onto their feet for the rest of the night, like the norm for Thursday at Diners Lounge is.

Lots of Uganda Waragi cocktails and mouth-watering barbeque to take you through the night.

There’s definitely no better way to usher in the pope weekend.

Diners Lounge is located on the Bukoto-kisaasi road, opposite ORYX petrol station.

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