Justine Scoffs At ‘Bishop’s’ Claim Of ‘Life Stories’ Show

Justine Nameere recording one of her shows while still at NTV

A lot seems to be unraveling ever since Justine Nameere, former presenter of NTV’s Life Stories show quit the Serena based TV station.

Justine Nameere recording one of her shows while still at NTV
Justine Nameere recording one of her shows while still at NTV

The former NTV employee has now laughed off an allegation by a ‘Bishop’ Samuel who has come up claiming to be the brain child of the popular show she presented.

Her ridicule of the ‘Bishop’ is contained in a post she made on her Facebook wall first faulting him for not knowing the real name of the show as he called it Real Life Stories when its real name is Life Stories.

According to Justine, ‘Bishop’ Samuel claims to be the brains behind the whole concept of the show whose initial name was The Wave and target, the handicapped. He allegedly developed it in 2008.

However, Justine rubbishes this claim saying she was in her senior 6 at the time and had no time to meet the ‘Bishop’ to ‘steal’ his idea and turn it into her own gold mine.

‘Bishop’ Samuel’s claim comes days after Justine subtly attacked her former employers for not appreciating the work she did for the station. She quit the station saying she wanted to prioritize her education.

This is what she posted on her wall

‘Hahaha…A one bishop Samuel claims my show was his idea, interestingly he does not know its name because he refers to it as “Real life stories” yet the show was called “Life stories”. I hear his concept was called “The Wave” and it was about handicapped people and I took it away from him in 2008. Well in 2008 I was a Senior 6 student at Kings College Budo, a boarding school: so I do not know where I found “bishop” to snatch his idea and what I used it for because my concept was neither about handicapped people nor called “The Wave”. bishop also claims I damaged “his” show because I lacked interviewing skills but then claims he is the unsung hero for the success of Life stories: so how can a damaged concept be successful?!’

However, Justine fell short of divulging into details of providing the full names of the so called Bishop. What waits to be seen is how ‘Bishop’ Samuel will rebut this claim.


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