Kabale Cop Held For Sexually Harassing Own Daughter

A police officer in Kabale has been arrested on allegations of sexual harassment.

Detective Sergeant Peter Kyalimpa, a resident of Rutoma cell, Nyabikoni ward, Northern Division in Kabale Municipality, is facing charges of sexually harassing his own daughter.

Information from Kabale Central Police station indicates that the 44-year-old officer started sexually harassing the 21 year old girl in 2011 while he was still serving at Rukungiri Police station.

According to the statement recorded from the daughter, Kyalimpa started demanding for sex threatening to stop paying her school fees if she turned down his advances.

The daughter, who is a student at one of the universities in the area, told police that Kyalimpa had turned it into a routine to have sex with her. Unable to take it any longer, she decided to open up on September 25, 2013 when she informed the police.

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5 thoughts on “Kabale Cop Held For Sexually Harassing Own Daughter

  1. why is this officer still serving….leave alone supended pending investigations???
    The lady in question has done her part by filing in a statement….whats wrong with the justice system in uganda??A joke!!!!!!!!!!

  2. why on earth should this officer still serve…he should be suspended pending
    invistigations….Uganda has become a joke!!!!

  3. Having sex with your own daughter is really an abomination. Those who are to protect are instead the perpetrators of crime. We should stop this evil.

  4. Sometimes I wonder whether ONE CAN GET AN ERECTION IN FRONT OH HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!! And indeed a Girl at University level also falls for such crap?? Incredible Uganda!!!

  5. The word ‘daughter’ in our language is different when used in English. In English, it is strict in meaning while in our languages its wide. That may be what Baganda call mujjananyina. I can not see how possible it is to ask for sex from your own daughter. Even when you are mentally ill its something you may not do. If he is still a policeman, he must be of a sound mind lest his OC would have found out that he is ill. However, i don’t think i would be related to a child who just happens to be born by a woman i married later in life. As long as he did not rape her, i don’t see any case to answer.

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