Kadaga lashes at ‘brainless’ medical body over ‘quack’ doctor claims

By Grace Turyatunga

Kampala – The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has hit back at Uganda Medical Association (UMA) over the claims she vouched for a quack doctor who claims he has a Coronavirus cure.

On Monday, March 16, Kadaga told Parliament that an American inventor, Prof. Safraz K. Niaz had discovered a spray that instantly kills Coronavirus and that it would be co-produced in Uganda after teaming up with Mathias Magoola, a Ugandan biochemist to produce the product at DEI Group, in Luzira, Kampala.

The Uganda Medical Association later accused Kadaga of misleading the country on the deadly pandemic.

On Tuesday, March 17, the speaker responded by blasting the leaders of the medical body as being brainless.

“I would have thought that if the Uganda Medical Association had brains, they would first come and said we have heard you talk about this, can you tell us what it is? They instead went and issued a press statement,” Kadaga blasted.

“I do not deal with quacks but I have also taken issue with the doctors’ resort to a press conference instead of having the courtesy to come and share their concerns with me.”

She insisted that she meant what she said, adding that all the people she is dealing with are not quacks but genuine.

“Matthias Magoola, who is being derided, is not a quack. I have shown evidence of his new pharmaceutical firms; in Luzira and Matugga. I have laid on the table, five academic books penned by Prof. Sarfaraz, who is being insulted as well. He was the brainchild behind the famous ‘Obama Care’ in the U.S. My concern is the creation of local capacity for production of drugs,” the speaker insisted.

Kadaga noted there was no need for uproar from Ugandans on social media over the same, adding that they ought to seek for clarification on the matter.

The deadly Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in a number of countries across the globe including Uganda’s neighbours; Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania which have recorded cases of people with the virus.

Uganda is, however, yet to register anyone with the virus and President Museveni is expected to address the nation about the pandemic later Wednesday, March 18.

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