Kadaga To Help Ugandans affected by the South Sudan conflict

Kadaga To Help Ugandans affected by the South Sudan conflict

The Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has pledged support to Ugandans who were affected by the latest South Sudan conflict.

Rt. Hon. Kadaga made this pledge after receiving a petition from the organization, Redemption of War Affected Ugandans of South Sudan (RWAS) on Friday, 07th October 2016.

The Redemption of War Affected Ugandans is a non-profit organization made up of over 2500 Ugandans that lost their property during the South Sudan conflict that broke out in July 2016.

“I am going to meet and present your requests to the Prime Minister in order for government to take immediate action,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker told the petitioners that Parliament was at the forefront in advocating for a quick reaction from government to save the lives of Ugandans who were held up in the conflict.

“Parliament debated and pushed government to act swiftly to rescue Ugandans who were trapped in South Sudan. I was happy when I saw the UPDF on the front pages of newspapers with rescued Ugandans,” she said.

The Chairman of petitioners, Tibo Brahn Obiga said that 52 Ugandans lost their lives with another 19 not accounted for.

Obiga called for immediate medical treatment for those who were injured during the war.

“Madam Speaker, over 365 Ugandans were injured during the war and others acquired serious illness. We urge government to come out and offer support as these people lost all their property,” he said.

The petitioners also prayed that government supports the families of the affected Ugandans with education of their children.

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