Kakira Sugar In Agricultural Expansion

Sugar Production to increase after President Yoweri Museveni secures a big market in Kenya.


Uganda Revenue Authority is visiting selected tax payers in Uganda to appreciate their contribution and among those is Kakira Sugar.

Simon Ngabirano, Manager Large Tax Payers is leading a delegation of Uganda Revenue staff on a courtesy visit to Kakira Sugar.

Kakira Sugar has been appreciated for its contribution made to Uganda’s economic growth over the years.

The visit comes at a time when President Yoweri Museveni is leading a delegation to Kenya where they negotiated for more sugar exports.

“Iam glad that our counterparts have agreed to let Uganda increase its sugar exports to Kenya from 36,000 metric tonnes to 90,000 metric tonnes annually”, President

Sugarcane is cultivated on Kakira’s own nucleus estate of 9,700(Ha) but majority of the cane is supplied from 6,000 outgrower farmers with more than 18,000(Ha) under cane.

Kakira Sugar produces 150,000 tonnes of sugar per year making it Uganda’s largest sugar producer.

Kakira Sugar’s agricultural expansion plan includes increasing the out growers area under cane to 20,000 Hectares. Their expanded Carbodioxide generation plant is already producing steam as well as 22 Mega Watts of electric power including 12 MW for sale to the national grid.

Close to 9,000 Ugandans get their source of livelihood from Kakira Sugar. Driving from Jinja as you approach Kakira, it’s a stretch of tarmac leads to a self contained community where dreams are being realized for a number of Ugandans.

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