Kampala Babes Here Are the Ways You Get a Man to Spend on You

Because you want to be spent on!!!

Some ladies have sordid tales to tell about men who do not spend a dime on them, especially when they have bought gifts, taken care of their every needs and have been there for them.


Some ladies have also not spent a dime on men but they want to be spent on.

Whatever category you fall in, this article is for you. However, the first thing you should know is, Does he even have the money to spend?

If the answer to the above question is Yes. Then we can move on to how to get him to spend that money on you.

Look flawless all the damn time: All the time look impeccable and let him know you woke up like this. Be flawless and beautiful so he would know at the back of his mind that you are that type of girl that needs to be kept close.

Be classy: Because not all flawless women are classy, my dear. I mean for all he knows, you might have just been lucky to get good genes. So go the extra mile to be classy, keep yourself above the average woman. Be classy in the way you act in public and with him and be classy even when you smile. This way, you can warm your way into his heart very fast and you can begin to think of the next step.

And don’t forget to be confident: Think Queen Bey. Even when you are dressed like a constant on Allen Avenue, do not forget to be confident about it. I mean Beyonce pulls that off perfectly well. A man loves a confident woman and when he sees you are all about being in charge of everything around you and you don’t have insecurities, then he would be further drawn to you. Remember you have to get under this guy’s skin and build a place in his head and mind so he would open his heart bank account to you.

Be very sweet: You are not about that nasty girl game. Aint no room for some Sheeba Karungi situation in here. Be so sweet, he can get sugar rush just being with you. That is going to make him happy and a happy man would want the woman around him to be happy and what makes a woman happy again if not a man’s heart money?

Turn down the first few times he offers: Not to worry, this does not contradict anything. In fact, this wants him to spend more. This kinda turns men on and activates the “chop my money” button for you to press anytime. It makes them see you as independent and they will want to keep you and spend on you. Which is not a problem for you anyway.

Hint that you are the type of woman who believes in giving as much as she receives: Punctuate your sentences with the fact that you are the kinda girl that would surprise her man with gifts on anyday at all. Tell him for you, it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to send him presents. Give him the idea that you are the type of woman who will spend on her man without holding back.

And because some men would still act like they don’t know where you’re headed with all these, Go ahead and ask! You want that Balenciaga dress because for the love of you, you can’t seem to be rid of the dress from your dreams. Then ask. Ask for the red bottoms, ask for the Coco Chanel purse, ask for the Peruvian hair (we know you love Brazilian pieces), ask for the new android device. Ask! That is the best way to get.

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