Kampala Dwellers Rubbish ‘free Wi-Fi’ in the city

Kampala Dwellers Rubbish ‘free Wi-Fi’ in the city

By Serestino Tusingwire

Residents of Kampala city have reacted to the government’s free Wi-Fi, saying they have not seen anything like free Wi-Fi internet since October 1 as the government had promised.

The government through National Information Technology Authority (NITA) said that residents around Kampala would start enjoying free Wireless internet with effect from October 1, 2016.

Yesterday, Red Pepper Uganda posed a question on her official Facebook page in a bid to know how effective is the wireless internet after receiving complaints that it was a hoax.

Many people expressed their anger to the government for promising ‘air’ most of the times.

They say they have not seen any signs of the called free wireless internet while others say it is good for nothing since it’s so weak to load any content.

See the Reactions;

Prince Ismael If they have failed to put drugs in the hospitals, provide genuine free education, do you think they can give free Wi-Fi. Yet they have even failed to fulfill their promises, like the sanitary pads.
Ugandans can afford Wi-Fi, what they need is good infrastructures, market for their goods, drugs in hospitals reduced taxes, employment opportunities. That is all.

Andy Nathan This I knew will not work because this was Mbabazi idea but the NRM as usual jumped on the bandwagon now that is wat we see. Am in Lubaga but no Wi-Fi at all ever seen.

Jimie Josey Carlos There is no free Wi-Fi in Kampala but am not so surprised because this gov’t is used to making false promises

Eric E Jimz It was just active on Saturday night before the carnival and it went off up to now!

Kasoma Andrew There’s nothing like free Wi-Fi in Kampala. I have tried it several times but in vein

Ismail Babu Am in Nakawa but can’t see anything like free Wi-Fi. Gov’t should come up and say something about it.

Kiiza Emmanuel not yet may be some other area’s but in Kampala

Aggie Pasta Exaete Is that development steady progress has brought to Uganda. How many will cook Wi-Fi en sustain themselves at end of day??? the gov’t is only luieing Ugandans because majority of blv in lies and thy will gv him votes come 2021

Adonijah Kennedy Naye oba NRM temugimanyi. Cameras in town stopped on chogam, cranes where promised $10k each – ziliwa, by the time M7 leaves power, Uganda will be bankrupt.

Samy Tgs may be if thr ar two kampalas in uganda!!! a thot it would cover the whole city or its only for kcca offices am hia at namirembe road buh there is no sign of free wifi on my phone.

Muhumuza Kiguma Gideon WHEN THEY EAT AND FEEL OK THEY START PLAYING ON UGANDAN’S bafuu nyoo gasiya.

Jonny Ojangole I can access it from office but very weak like a sausage . Can’t even activate fb

Ssendagire Dennis Just wait for accountability.

Onyango James Bafeere

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