Kanyamunyu Undressed On Social Media Over ‘Shooting’ Akena Dead

Kanyamunyu is the main suspect in the shooting

Kanyamunyu Undressed On Social Media Over ‘Shooting’ Akena Dead

By Serestino Tusingwire

Following a rare incident that happened on Saturday evening where a one Mathew Kanyamunyu is believed to have shot dead Akena Kenneth, the public has come out to react on this incident.

According to police, Akena was allegedly shot in stomach by Kanyamunyu after the former accidentally knocked the latter’s car at Game Store parking lot and died moments after he was admitted to Norvik hospital in Kampala.

Incidents of gun violence have not been hard in Kampala city for a while.

After the incident, we phrased a question on our Red Pepper Facebook page in order to get the public opinion about the incident.

The question was; “Was Kanyamunyu shooting to Akena necessary? Provided you have a gun with you, can you shoot someone who accidentally knocks your car? Or can you shoot whoever offends you?

Here are the reactions:

ラマダン ラマダン This man made me sick
[13/11 10:04 pm] typing: Honestly how many vehicles get knocked in da city and with just mere negotiations, you find cases settled??? Very many. Why did he have to shoot an innocent Ugandan who simple came to say sorry and negotiate for da damage?

Onyango Julius The question should be if it was the late Akena in possession of a fire arm and had shot Kanyamunyu a Munyankole ,what would be his fate??????
Mine is all the security forces would have been dispatched to arrest him and the best of the best judge would have been assigned to make sure he is given a harsh sentence

Romeul Isaac Okurut Justice in Uganda to my understanding is sitted on bribery. Trust me you are going to see that bastard alive killing other. So my only justice would be to clear him too. Losing a bastard isn’t much.

Liz Liz I just pray Akena’s blood haunts u the so called Kanyamunyu till the last day of your life, u will never have any peace in this world coz of taking a innocent soul!!!

Esudu Cigga Is his car more important than human life, does he know how many people have been depending on #Akena?? Let him now takeover #Akena’s responsibilities

Bagonza Joseph That incident showed us that it’s okay to have a gun. I will go and get one. Coz if Akena had one, he would have defended himself. No more arresting of illegal arms. They should leave the common man to defend himself.

Eric Sermon Kanyamunyu, what a dumb ass and tasteless name it is! U killed an innocent soul because of your links to gov’t top mafias…May the blood of the deceased haunt you all the days of your pathetic life on earth.

Nakayiza Derick Mdbgmf U mean Kanyamunyu has never made any mistake in the journey of his life, y not him to be descent does it mean u should take away some body life simply because he accidentally knocked your car, “is a car worthy someone’s life??

Mutyaba Musa This time if this guy is acquitted of murder charges am going to demonstrate fully naked in the city. We want just for our brother, father, friend, in-law.

Twaha Mugoya If the oppressed accidentally harms the oppressor that’s what z expected. Having a gun doesn’t necessarily mean to shoot who ever annoys u in anyway may be in self defence. Uganda belongs to all of us.

Tumwesige Kalabe Julius No guns have orders u only shoot when your life is in serious danger not anyhow. How many people own guns if they were shooting at their pleasure how would the situation be

Mugisha Tinaako Muzahura I will compare this cheap full to a who picked up a gun without knowing how to use it!! How on earth can girl power push u to that extent, let him dare come out in Mbarara I will smoke him

Emerikwa Sam surely how expensive or unique was that car that cost a human life or was it a borrowed car meant to impress the girl? it is just beyond reason!

Farouk Kigundu This Uganda is full of Rwandese so as we citizens we have to chill their time is soon coming to the end, n for sure it will come bajila balisa ebijanjalo empiso.

Martin Nzangabo We are only waiting for parliament to put it into law since it’s no longer a crime. Police is killing day and night and no one seems bothered. Steady progress

Amen Tumusiime No it wasn’t necessary coz it was just a car. ,what if he had been knocked would he cut some one into pieces, and eat them ,oh please people just think they are better than others yet it’s not true .God will judge them accordingly

Geria Jordan That idiot should be gunned down not tried .give what belongs to Caesar back to him. Period

Ekii Morphat Let’s Pray, He will die in the same way ….coz GOD knows how to punish.

MJ Jacob Mwidu they know they a in the thing so they do wat they want coz they a untouchable (Rwandese)

Opido Jimmy Its NOT proper at all, many guns are in the hands of untrained people/civilians, professional soldier can’t do that.

Agaba Edgar It’s Not Good 2 Shot Any Because Of Scratching A car Because However Beautiful A Car Is It Can’t Be Compared 2 Life Of A Human Being But I Think It Wasn’t Because of Scratching A car But They Have Other Things They Were Colliding At.

Robert Pirio Its unfair to shoot someone when he does wrong with u or damaged your personal belonging! Everybody was not born on this earth the same day, only the Holy Spirit that controls us together? What is the killer’s biography and we need to know who he’s.

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