Kasenene Vow To Wring Golola

Afro Beat Ltd boss Benon Kasenene has vowed to teach controversial kick-boxer kick-boxer Moses Golola a lesson after Golola breached their contract after assigning another promoter to arrange his recent fight in Nateete, Kampala.
I will not forgive him as yet. Samona fooled him into orgainising a fight without my approval,” BK as Kasenene is commonly known was quoted by a source.‘I will squeeze the gate collections from them eitherway,” he added.GololaGolola, city businessman Ssalongo Samona Kasawuli and Abitex promotions have been dragged to the Commercial Court for the fight on a night when he exhibited a lukewarm show for his fans and the entire crowd and got a controversial win over Romanian Poczo Zoltan to claim the vacant Intercontinental Low Kick Middleweight title.
Afro beat claims to have entered a contract in an exclusive current promotion with Golola on 21st Jan 2011 and was ending on 21st Jan 2015. According to the contract, Afro was in charge of managing, maintaining Golola’s health and managing advertising and organizing all fights for Golola.
Afro Beat Ltd through their lawyers of Biganda Ojok and company advocates are seeking for economic damages social after Golola and Samona breached a contract declaration between them.
Afro Beat contends that since it was in-charge of Golola’s care, it has incurred many costs to that effect, for which it is claiming damages.
It also wants court to issue a permanent injunction restraining Golola ,his agent and any other person claiming under him from further managing ;promoting ;staging fights; advertising holding press conference and any other activity without its consent.
Subsequently, court has summoned Golola and Ssalongo Samona to file in their defense within 15 days before a hearing date can be fixed.

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