Kasese Blood Brothers Jailed For 30years

Justice Akiiki Kiiza

Edison Saturday, 24, and Joncason Baluku, 28, have been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment after the Kasese High Court found them guilty of aggravated robbery.

Justice Akiiki Kiiza
Justice Akiiki Kiiza sentenced the duo  to 30years in jail

Presiding over the court, Justice Kiiza Akiiki said that the two brothers attacked Gabriel Byaruhanga a business man and robbed him two hundred and fifty thousand shillings on October 15 2011 at Buhunga Trading center.

Upon failing to defend selves, Justice Akiiki said that prosecution had tabled evidence that proved the court beyond reasonable doubt that the two committed the said act.

After robbing Gabriel, the two stabbed him which was an attempt to kill him.

In line with attempted murder, the senior Resident State Attorney Noah Kumya asked court to give the duo a maximum sentence of death because they intended to kill a neighbor from whom they stole hard earned money.

Even when Edson Saturday and Joncason Baluku prayed for mercy because they have young families to look after, the judge still had no option but sentence them to 30 years in jail.

The maximum sentence for aggravated robbery is death where as the minimum sentence is 30 years in jail.

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  1. what about those who hve swidled govtz coffers worth billions of tax payers money. isnt dat beyond murder?

  2. Tembo, you are right. Those who still money meant for improving health facilities are causing death. Who do we hold responsible for the death of Mothers who can not access basic medical servicess simply because an unfortunate thief stole the money? These should also face maximum sentence-death

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