KCCA To Demolish Old Taxi Park Kiosks

Over 200 traders at the Old Taxi Park have less than two weeks to relocate their businesses from the park, According to a directive by Kampala Capital City Authority.

KCCA has been demolishing structures in Kampala in the recent past
KCCA has been demolishing structures in Kampala in the recent past

These are part of the several merchants in the city being evicted by Kampala Capital City Authority for setting up illegal structures in and around the city suburbs.

KCCA, in a notice dated 29 September served to all traders around the Old Taxi Park, stated that the Kiosks were set up without permission.

“In accordance with section 72(1) of the Public Health Act cap 281 which states that in the event of contravention of the any of the Public Health rules related to the erection of buildings the local authority without prejudice has the right to take proceedings for a fine in respect of the contravention and may by notice require the owner either to pull down or remove the works,” The notice reads.

It adds that; “You are therefore to remove all the works undertaken in breach of the Act and the rules enacted thereunder on,” it adds.

The letter further states that failure to comply with the notice shall result in KCCA pulling down and or removing the works in question at the owners ‘cost.

Peter Kaujju’s KCCA spokesperson explains that this is one of the KCCA’s moves to maintain order in the city and ensuring that all erected structures are in line with KCCA guidelines.

The guidelines include seeking permission from KCCA before setting up a booth, burrow, table or stand on any pavement.

According to section 14 (1) of the  Law and Order maintenance regulations 2006; a person shall not without a permit issued by council erect a booth, burrow, table or stand on any pavement arcade, foot way or street.

Over the past few months, several illegally set up structures in the city suburbs have been brought down in Wandegeya, Makindye, Mengo and Lubaga.

At the Old Park there are about 50 Kiosk, wooden structures and make shift structures which include eateries, phone accessory outlets, soft drink kiosks among others which KCCA says were set up without any permit from KCCA.

However the affected traders have received the news with reservations. Although some say they have no option but to move when the deadline approaches, a few others claim this is a ploy to forcefully relocate them to the distant USAFI market.

“I have been in this place for 20 years, and I have never faced any threat of eviction. It is a challenge because this is my source of income and i don’t know what the future holds,” Mayi Nakato Kiosk owner laments.

The move has not only brought worries to traders but the drivers in the Old Park suspect that the move will also affect them. “We are worried that move is going to lead to our eviction. We understand KCCA wants to repair the park,” Mustapha Bukenya a driver says.

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