Kenyans In Uganda will Vote At their Embassy

Scenes like these marred the aftermath of the 2007 General elections

Scenes like these marred the aftermath of the 2007 General elections
Scenes like these marred the aftermath of the 2007 General elections

Kenyans living in Uganda will for the first time vote from the Kenya High Commission, after the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) made a last minute effort to register Kenyans living in East African countries.

However, Kenyans in the Diaspora will not be able to vote following a High court ruling against a petition to include them in the ballot last November.

Kenyans in Uganda say that the move to have them vote at the Kenyan embassy is welcomed, since in the past they had to travel back home or miss the election all together.

Fred Waga, an IT Manager at Aga Khan School, has lived in Uganda for the last 10 years; he says being able to vote from Uganda will ensure Kenyans here exercise their democratic rights.
Ndunge Kivuva said this year’s elections are significant because she wants to see a departure from the previous elections, when the disputed presidential race triggered large-scale violence that claimed more than 1,000 lives.

600,000 Kenyans were displaced and the national economy lost 3.7 billion USD, according to a committee set to investigate into the Post Election Violence.

Neighbouring countries like Uganda also suffered economically through the disrupted supply of goods and increased commodity prices from the port of Mombasa.

Most Kenyans who spoke to Uganda Radio Network hoped that the electoral body (IEBC) will deliver a free and fair election as required under the new constitution passed in 2010.

Isaiah Kojwang, Chairman of the Association of Kenyans Living in Uganda, is optimistic that peace will prevail in the March 4th elections.

He says Kenyans have learnt from the previous chaotic elections and do not want a repeat of the same.

However there have been reports of pre –election violence in Tana River and cases of conflicts in the Rift Valley.

Around 14.3 million Kenyans are expected to vote in the March 4th General elections according IEBC.

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