King Lawrence Has Boyish Behaviour – Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana and King Lawrence

Celebrated songbird Juliana Kanyomozi has described her new lover King Lawrence as having boyish behaviours.

Juliana and King Lawrence
Juliana and King Lawrence

Juliana was reacting to several queries from her pals, who are inquiring about her affair with the South Africa based Ugandan Nkuba Kyeyo.

She shocked her pals however by revealing that she is so disappointed about Lawrence’s kiddish tendencies of publicizing their affair, to the extent of updating the world whatever they do.

The songbird was overheard complaining that “Can you imagine he even posted all our pictures together on Facebook?” But that was not all that Lawrence posted, because according to pals he also posted a pair of her green knickers and used  rubbers/condoms, before assuring the whole world that they were in a hotel room.

Juliana is now so worried that he could even have shot a sex tape of them without her knowledge and fears her affair may end up like Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale’s, which ended with her nude pictures leaking to the press.


Juliana, who has dated several guys in the past that include Kassim Ouma, Mujib Kasule, Amon Lukwago and others hooked up Lawrence few months back and they have seen then been enjoying a massive love spree, spending nights in exclusive hotels and being photographed squeezing each other tenderly; we hope this affair lasts.

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9 thoughts on “King Lawrence Has Boyish Behaviour – Juliana Kanyomozi

  1. Which man in his rightful mind does what he did? He must be one of the sangomas in South Africa without any morals at all……………….he is just using you ma’m and soiling your image as well.

    1. Oh yeah this boy is a Sangoma in SA, real name Ssenyonjo, mulebesi wa Shabba, the king Sangomas…..funny how women get swayed easily, tells you a lot about Kanyomozi, birds of a feather!

  2. Dear Juliana, it is good he has shown his true colours at the on set… Please throw that trash into the nearest dustbin…just using you to make himself a name…the ghetto is impossible to eradicate because it is in the blood, however much the outer person is exposed the inner one remains in katanga or is it kivulu…

  3. Juliana is so cheap!!! girl you are beautiful and many times you act so desparate. am so sure there are many decent men here in UG, whose advances you refused and now see where cheap popularity from that sangoma has taken u.

  4. any way,,,everybody has got skeletons in their lives,,,,i think for wats happening to julianna isnt the worst thing except tht her private bussiness is public and hence we know everythg abt her,,bt for everybody sayg shes cheap am so sure u have done things worse thn hers just tht we dnt know them

  5. Anthony
    He is not real man a real man will never disclosed what happen between him an his dream wife or girl friend. Please J.k take courage those are the challenges in life but am sure one day one time he will regret his action.

  6. Lawrence thats cheap popularity, yr nt yet a man…………Juliana giv him time 2 transform

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